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    magical powers

    Brandon Maboroshi
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    magical powers  Empty magical powers

    Post  Brandon Maboroshi on Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:32 pm

    magic ahh the beautiful and vastly different types and abilities it provides. all forms of magic are accepted and sadly it is too numerous to go through a basic intermediate advanced developement stage discription. And i will do the best i can.

    Basic: requires groups of users and chanting to perform a single spell. other types will be basic elemental spells movement levitation effects and consealment.

    Intermediate: possess substantial magical power groups can effect things on a planetary scale. summonings and teleportations. basic spells are increased in power using even less magic that in the basic level. seals incantations and hand signs increase power of spells.

    advanced: these are the highest of powers. cataclysmic changes on galactic scale in large groups nearly limitless magical reseviors seals and spells form automatically as soon as they are thought up and a single person can perform all group efforts alone with limited drain on magical powers.

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