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    Light and Darkness bladed fans and tonfas, Ozashima (Zanpato weapon)


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    Light and Darkness bladed fans and tonfas, Ozashima (Zanpato weapon) Empty Re: Light and Darkness bladed fans and tonfas, Ozashima (Zanpato weapon)

    Post  Silver_neko11 on Thu Feb 02, 2012 11:28 pm

    Zanpato sword's name:Ozashima and Izashima

    Shikai:Havado kishi (light and darkness dragon)

    Bankai: Akivamo to kamo (Gurardian spirits of the light and darkness demon dragons)


    *Normal: Both swords has black handles with strings tied at their ends with silver blades with the incarved pictures of the yin/yang sign having a dragon holding it.

    *Shikai's state: The light sword's blade is glowing white but the carving on it is glowing black. The darkness sword's blade is glowing dark but the carving on it is glowing white. Both are able to use darkness and light energy attacks at their full peak.

    *Bankai's state: Both of the swords join together but changes into two blazing bladed swords while they have two flaming spirts of the darkness and light dragons.


    In shikai's state:The blades are glowing black and white flames using energy slashes at well. They are able to use these abilities but in both defense and offense. When the blades are together, their energy are infused with her own spirital pressure.

    In Bankai's state: Melli has to call out the name of the bankai and using all her energy to change her sword into the finaly form of a double ended sword with the blades now flames formed into the blade. She even has the spirit dragons at her side this time to her aid in battle. She is able to use their power with her own.

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