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    Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas


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    Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

    Post  Silver_neko11 on Thu Aug 03, 2017 4:44 pm

    ~Flashback/10 years ago~

    "Outrageous! That idea in your head is clearly insane and crazy, Lion alpha! I will not agree to these terms of yours!" One Omega said out of the other five was speaking to the main Omega that was listening to this little conversation.

    "You may be the scariest main Alpha in this city but we will not agree to this! What you're trying to cause is some war between us and after we agreed to have peace among us." he said but more yelling was heard.

    "If you think your so almighty then why don't we ban you, Lion Omega! You can't do this to us!! You vile monster!" another shouted as more and more was yelling. Their was a meeting going on about the future that was for the children of their clans. Six in total with a mix of each with their own jobs in the city:

    The Brown Lion clan was the most dangerous in the city that they show no mercy towards others or their alphas/mates.

    The black snake viper clan are ruthless but tries to bend rules whenever others tell. Some say, one of the lion clan Alphas crossed paths to form an alliance. They are Alphas.

    The Dark brown Grizzly bear Clan are protectors or the police of the city but of the other clans. Their Omegas

    the grey Wolf clan personal hackers and code creators to help sell things to the market and black market. They are Alphas.

    and the soft rabbit clan are known for second helping with the grizzly bear clan and also healers when it comes to things in between the clans. Both being police or healers. Their Omegas.

    The Omegas and Alphas from each clan was trying to speak about what was going on during the time and how their children will keep their family history alive. However the Alpha of the Brown lion's clan was figuring out that his only son named Brandon would rule the clan with a cold fist and bring fear to the rest. Nothing was going to be shown mercy regardless of things and no matter how much they begged for mercy.

    However, the argument wasn't getting no where and started annoying him to the point of bursting in anger. His hands gripping one another hearing the bickering back and forth with the children covering their ears. Except for his son Brandon that didn't care at the moment while standing beside his father. He didn't get how his father could deal with people like this but he's a reasonable man if you keep on his good side. These others were seriously making him angry as well but he kept a calm face and temper.

    "Again, you can't do this! Sure you are the most dangerous and powerful here, you can't do this to the rest of us. We are all to work together in this city to keep things even among us." The grizzly bear clan leader said but now they begin arguing even worse.

    The Lion clan Alpha heard enough and suddenly slams his fist on the table breaking it with his power. The others got scared seeing such power as the children as well, making all the arguing stop at once. Brandon saw his father stand up slowly looking at them as his eyes glowed with a dark expression and his power forming around his body. The same glowing eyes of the blood red color that sent fear in the clans and the children.

    "Come on gentlemen, this arguing is really starting to give me a headache. Besides, I'm sure we can figure something out instead of arguing about what will happen. Lets try to make some...agreement."


    "You all know my order and rule of this city and the status of our clans. Which is why I don't see any reason to argue about anything from here on out."

    "Oh? And what makes you say that?" The rabbit Omega asked to see Brandon's father turn his way showing a smile and one hand petting Brandon's head.

    "Easy; You know I've done my best in helping this city and it's doing alright so far but I won't run it forever. Which is why my son will take my place sooner or later as I get older and him exploring himself when the time is right. You all need to learn your place because you don't make the rules here unless stated." He said in a smooth dark like tone but the others were not sure about that. They wanted to try and figure out what they will do but nothing else seems to become that easy.

    "But it's not fair, we all agreed to live with one another with no problems. After all, Omegas and Alphas are to help with things like this. You don't have the right to-"

    "I think I do. You all don't try to double cross me in any way you can so don't try it. You all know what will happen if you try to cross me...I'll make sure everyone else knows. Just as I did years ago during my younger adult years. It was so beautiful to see that worthless pig dying for the beauty of art. However, you all were shown my warning.." He growled to make the others tense up.

    Before another could ask what he means, everyone jumped from a slight ding from the grand clock.

    He checked the time seeing it was past noon which explains them jumping over some silly noise. The meeting was done as he told them to go ahead and leave for the day. One by one or by group, they left the room of this place of the office while hurrying home. However, the Omega clean learder of the rabbit was hurrying out with his daughter Melina that he was stopped by the guards that shut the door. He slowly looks around seeing Brandon's father there and his son beside him.


    "Oro......." He tenses up hearing Brandon's father speak to him while standing up and walking over to him with a smile on his face but his son Brandon walking beside him. He turns around seeing them but holding his daughter closer behind him in protection.

    "Now Oro, no need to be afraid. I was just hoping you ask you something."

    "W-what is it?"

    "How are the mate and the others? I never heard from your wife lidia in a while and I'm hoping she's doing okay."

    "S-she's fine but what's the real reason you have stopped me from leaving?" he asked seeing Brandon's father showing a lighter smile on his face with hands resting in front of his tux. He adjusted the sleeves and his tie after a while.

    "Nothing gets past you huh, Oro? If you must know I just wanted to see if you remember our little agreement. As you know, many good Omegas are hard to come by and I really don't have time to fine another since the one I wanted to give died after her family abandoned their oath."

    "I was told it was some accident...but no one knows for sure how it happened."

    "Yes, such a faith but I'm hoping you remembered. As agreed, you will let my Alpha son Brandon mate with your daughter Melina. I hope to see a lot of strong litter for my clan and yours." He said with dark eyes looking at the other male who's light indigo eyes looked in fear. Feeling his daughter Melina shaking but she knew the other boy was able to see and smell her.

    She smelled so sweet and really taste that he almost wanted to eat her right there but kept behaving himself for his father. She whimpers feeling afraid of him but feels her father pick her up in his arms to hold her. At first, he never wanted to deal with this man's family or of what his kid might do to his little girl but he didn't want to cause a war between them. With a sigh, he looks up at the man's scary dark red eyes.

    "Well? You do remember right?"

    "Y-Yes.......I remember but I only wish I didn't have to. I never wanted to give up my own that way you can see stronger litters for the families to grow. Second it's crazy for a Lion and bunny to be mate."

    "Of course it's possible just as word of the viper mating with someone but no one knows who. It's something rather anything is possible.." the man looks at the father then his red blood eyes focused on the scared girl child seeing her hugging her father gently.

    All Brandon's father did was show a gentle smile to reach and touch her cheek to make Melina jump from the touch. So soft and warm just like a rabbit but he already had a lovely lioness for a mate so she'll be perfect for his son. After a bit, the father moves back from Brandon's father and slowly lets out a chuckle.

    "I know but it's for the greater good. For both clans of this pack. You'll understand.."


    Brandon's father sighed but he still smiled looking to them before stepping back to turn away.

    "I guess you will be leaving now, oh well. And here I hope to know more about that pretty girl of yours...." he said but Melina whimpers again while her father quickly turns to leave but Brandon and his father still stays in the room before he turns away with Brandon following him as they wore black and dark red suits.

    "Now Brandon...I know you never expected to have a mate this early but don't worry...I think she's perfect......just make sure you never let her go....understand?" he asked as Brandon looked silent with his hands behind his back.

    "Yes father.." he said feeling him pet his head with a smile.

    "Good boy.."

    ~Later that night~

    Brandon was taking care of some things in his room while his mother was reading to him. She was really beautiful but her husband made sure she was his mate where no other Alphas, Omegas, and Beta's would steal what was his now. She sees him looking at a stuffed rabbit doll in his little arms but she knew he was thinking about that girl.

    "......Are you ready for bed sweetheart?" she asked seeing Brandon nod to him laying back on the bed but he gently feels her kiss his forehead for good night before turning and leaving the room with the light turned off. He lays in bed alone in the dark snuggling and petting the doll for himself before whispering how much he'll love her for all life.

    "She will be mine.....all mine..I'll be sure you'll be shown off for your beauty, my little bunny..."After some bit, he gently shuts his eyes to then get some sleep. While on the other side of town, Melina was sleeping already but her father and mother was worried for her and of her faith. That time, they decided to move into another location in the city the next morning to get her away.

    They didn't trust the lion's omega but in some way they wished to keep her safe from him and the family.

    ~12 years later~

    Brandon was older or a younger adult now during this time but he's gotten a lot done over his youth. He was a graduating Licensed Physics doctor therapist that helped patients during his time. Some figure he was unlike any other doctor they've seen for a life time but they didn't know the real truth under his face acting. He still ruled over his way for this father but he also went after ones that peaked his interests.

    Hunting others down like animals or tricks them to thinking he can 'save them'. Just as his father, Brandon was wearing a dark red suit his father had made for him during is birthday. The jacket was off on the chair so it showed off his blazer and the dress shirt, pants, shoes he wore. However, he was the new leader for the brown lion clan. He sees Alphas, Omegas, and Beta's walking around the compound but he was wondering about something from the past.

    The one he was to mate with one day but heard her foolish parents got away with her. Foolish people he figured. They knew they gave their words for him to mate with their daughter but tried to run away. Oh, his family was going to fix that but they were gone before they got the chance. He was sitting in his main office drinking a glass of wine after finishing off a body when harvesting the organs for the black market. He liked to have some challenge for his life and work and the pay was good. He was already filthy rich so what was the point?

    He really enjoyed the faces of his captives while cutting into them with the flick of the wrist. Their blood spilling out all over to enjoy the smell of it. This sort of thing only made him hunger for more but showing how powerful he is under the Alpha name. was just done cleaning up his arms and hands before hearing a knock and the door opening. A male walks in but stops seeing the dead body laying on the table making him nervous.

    Everyone here knew the rules Brandon placed for them during his busy play time and hated to be bothered unless absolute necessary.

    "U-Umm....mister Doctor B-Brandon?"

    Brandon lets out a low growled noise hearing the other tone but didn't turn around. He already gave a warning to the last worker that bothered him during his time of playing. The others gulps seeing the body chopped up and blood everywhere on the floor and on him. It's not a pretty sight.

    "Shane, what have I told you...about bothering me during my work?"

    "I know you said not to b-but it's someone wishing to meet you.......another male but the officer from the grizzly clan..." He said but sees Brandon not turn around but he gives it some thought.

    "Tell him I'm busy. I don't have the need for others bothering me during my work..and you know how serious I am when it comes to me working..."

    "I know s-sir and I'm sorry but he said it's-" he sees Brandon grip tighter on the knife in his hand but didn't turn to face him.

    "What have I told you to say to others if I'm busy??"

    "To leave you alone and you don't wish to be bothered right now.."

    "Good. So why didn't you say that?"


    "Because what? Speak up.." he said getting annoyed that the beta gulps scared he's pushing his luck with bothering Brandon like this. It's like he was ready to attack him at any moment and he didn't want that.

    "B-because he said he had some info and was a old friend to you..." he said as Brandon stops to lay the knife down but remembers one Omega that knew him years ago.

    "Old friend?"

    "Yes. I told him you were very busy and didn't want to be bothered but he refused t-to leave until he saw y-you..." he mutters looking down scared if he angered Brandon. However, he was hiding a smile and his bare fangs from the other. Slowly, he turns around that the only thing the beta heard was his foot steps with dark red eyes looking down at the other male showing power.

    "Send him in......" he said darkly that the other backed up and goes to send him in.

    ooc:Okay, this is a new idea but Brandon has to be dark, sadistic, and dominate. He's the Alpha and Melina is the mate for him. He's not nice at all but maybe not yet because he wants to show who she belongs to. She's also a rare case in the bunny clan of her family bearing some special power within her that he carves. Same with loving every inch of her including her indigo eyes. Questions just ask.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    Brandon went to see if he was right about his guest but wasnt too sure. The omegas were scattered nowadays so contact was rare. He opened the door and commanded his swrvamta to welcome his guest and announce them

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

    Post  Silver_neko11 on Fri Aug 04, 2017 1:51 pm

    The beta grew scared while he quickly leaves to do as he asked, seeing the other man waiting in the hallway. Brandon lets out a sigh but sees everything else good that he slowly turns to leave his room but some cleaners were busy with getting rid of the body and the blood. Brandon walks down the hallway past some doors before seeing main office where the beta was and another male waiting.

    He saw some familiar features on him as blond hair, dark green eyes and muscular figure but Brandon had seen so many people that it made him curious about it. When getting through the door, the beta goes back to bow towards them and heads out of the office to give them some privacy.

    "Brandon, it's been a while since I've seen you. That or you've been so busy that you don't see the others.." He said holding his hand out but Brandon looks at his hand and reaches to give it a firm grip and a shake. It was indeed one of the Omegas; the grizzly bear Omega that was watching over the pack as well as the police and people that live within the city.

    "I guess that could be true but if you forgot I have more important things I do so I don't waste my time with useless chit chat. Now, the beta from before told me you had something you wish to speak to me about? If you don't, then you have been wasting my time for the day."

    "Oh calm down, Alpha. I just wanted to give you some information that you asked for but I was going to ask what was going on with your father. We haven't heard from him in months now but we figure since you are his son you might know?" he asked but Brandon looks up to the Omega Grizzly bear leader but he scratches his cheek to think about his family.

    "If you so called want to know, my father has been.....'deceased' from his title so I took over for him during that time. I guess others have it for his head upon my blood line but what is a male to do? That's what he wanted to go out. Something to where they will remember him but fear the next one in line which was me."

    "Wait, I thought your father was killed by-"

    "Oh no, he died to some misleading accident but my mother remained alive while watching me from afar. She's in her retired years and will enjoy to do so without anyone trying to bother her because she seriously hate being bothered."

    "Uhhh...So your mother and the others are not in the city anymore? Or did she just leave on her free will?"

    "My mother left on her own and told me as a gentle request that no one shall bother her unless it's me giving the message. She hates when her relaxing days are bothered and you do recall the last time someone has did just that." he knew what Brandon was talking about since that only happened during the time or over the years however not many knew the Beta that was killed with the weaker Alpha. The other man decided not to ask and moved on with something else.

    "Now, why are you here again?" he asked to figure that out but the man remembers and shows a folder in his hands while he looks at Brandon's confused look on his face. A folder? That's why he was bothered from his daily enjoyment? Just because of one folder?

    "A folder?"

    "Yes, a folder with some documents inside..I need your help with something or mostly a favor to helping a patient." he said but Brandon looks at it for a second then back to Tony with a annoyed expression.

    "Tony, you know I already have many others well I did help one already...but I don't know if I wish to add any more at the moment.."

    "Hey easy now, I'm just hoping you can help her since she's been having trouble over the years with things. I figure since your a good doctor, you can help her."

    "That depends if she sparks my interests in some is she even worth that?"

    "I don't know. Take a look and find out.."

    He sets the folder down on the table as Brandon walks over, takes a seat and opens the folder slowly. Inside showed some documents but his red eyes focused on the picture of someone. It was a female with dark amber brown hair that's super long to the lower back. She had a small nose, lips, and ears with a smooth skin and soft cheeks. She seems to even look more curious from the small tattoos on her left side but what got him was the eyes.

    Indigo eyes that glowed from his blood red but he wonders if they can change or become something else. Beautiful as the gem stone but extremely rare for someone being born with. Something about her made him almost wishing to catch her and keep her for himself. Tony blinks to see that but takes a seat to get Brandon's attention.

    "You planning on staring at the pick all day or should I leave to give you some alone time with the photo?"

    This snapped Brandon out of his trance but looks up at him.


    "Her name is Melina Shimaki, a omega snow bunny from the snow rabbit clan. She's from my FBI special investigator office that's helping the Grizzly bear clans and is my best one. She's also really good when it comes to healing another so I figure why not?" he said feeling proud of Melina and how she's been able to help but he also had a guess Brandon knew her from years ago. He didn't know his real family's history or his own but Tony didn't ask that. That's none of his business to ask. It's between him and the family.

    "However, I'm worried about her since she's had it rough as a kid to now. I figure it's because of her genes from her family that's making her work non stop or something else is causing the problem to happen."

    "Melina huh? What a pretty name. I never knew you had more help for the police but I wouldn't know till late. Though, what makes you think I'll be of any help for her?"

    "She's had help over years and nothings helping so I figure why not? She's the best one but many figure since she's from the rabbit clan she's weak but she's not. Melina's got some gift to help and sense other Beta's, Alphas, and Omegas but something called 'pureline' something no one has seen before within the clans but turns out she had it. We even dug up some older documents that others had the same thing she had but was killed for reason." he said but Brandon looks down at the photo again running his fingers down against the pic.

    He wanted to meet her, he wanted to see her, he wanted to keep her and break her until she was under his control. Knowing that innocent expression will become something he wants to see but the same beauty of her eyes and features got him interested and familiar but he was hoping it's the same girl from years ago. With a smile showing on his face, he looks up from Tony to see him confused.

    "So.....when do I get to see this Melina anyway? I really want to meet her..." he said with a smirk but in his mind he was excited and happy because he knew this familiar hunger. This craving was just as when he was child.


    "Zzzz....zzzzzzz..." Melina was taking a nap in her office after handling another wild chase from the headquarters of the FBI special investigation room. She's been getting many new reports on some things but she also wanted to be sure she was doing the right thing. They place this trust with her because Melina's the best criminal analyzer in FBI’s history. However,  that would be better if her sleeping and health didn't get in the way or her forgetting it because of things she keeps personal. Over the years, she's been having it hard because of her childhood and became of that one boy and his father. She always asked why they were after other clans but he couldn't tell her.

    She was too young and her father didn't want anyone, including them to hurt her. Because of that, Melina has took up self defense and ended up joining the police force. She figures why not? She wouldn't be too bad on helping anyway she can but that sometimes take a toll on her. She wouldn't eat as much, sleep when needed to because of all the work. Even Tony had to give her days off for that to help her. Either way, she finds way to work over it.

    Melina was about to get more sleep before she woke up hearing someone knocking on the door. She sits up to see her friend Mimi waving with some hot cocoa but stops seeing Melina. She sat up quickly getting her glasses to put on her face and adjusting them.

    "Sleeping again, Melli?"

    "Just for a little, nothing too bad. I'm fine though...." she said looking at her but Mimi sighed walking over to gently sets down the cup to touch her head. Mimi looks into Melina's Indigo eyes that glowed so softly and beautiful but noticed how tired she was from the investigation she's done.  

    "You sure? You know you can tell me if your over working yourself...again."

    "I told you I'm not, Mimi."

    "Just like you said last time?" she asked seeing Melina shrug her shoulders and looked away with arms crossed. She knew Melina was over doing it again but knowing her she wouldn't stop as she does now.

    "Either way, I brought your drink that should help you wake up a little more.." she said while seeing her look forward again. Even if Melina didn't want to, she'll help Melina the best way possible but this was good enough. Mimi takes a seat drinking a coffee she got while Melina drinks her hot cocoa.

    "Mmmm, still good as ever.."

    "Yeah...glad you like it." she said with a smile but Mimi became serious to gently touch Melina's shoulder. "Hey Melli?"


    "I know it's none of my business to ask but..was it because of your dreams again...about you know..dreams and of the spirit animals we are to find as ummm....mates?"

    "What? No! That's not-"

    "Melli..." she looks at her but heard a sigh, seeing Melina put the cup down.

    "Oh fine yes but it's stupid...I haven't seen him in years, only as a child. I'm hoping never to see him even if my dreams told me that monster is my spirit animal mate.  Besides, I don't want to become food for some insane maniac.." she looks down gripping the cup but Mimi grew worried for her. She knew just how scary 'he' was but tried not to speak or talk about him near Melina. Even as an Omega she's been scared of the others including that Alpha from the brown lion's clan.

    "Melina, everyone knows about the lion's clan but we all have to know our limits. Heck it's shocking to see a lion being a rabbit's mate in the first place. Even to what you were told years ago after you gotten older." she said that made Melina glare a bit more to shake her head wishing not to believe it.

    "Yeah, I know but I still refuse it. I will never be that monster's mate. Even if it's by faith and the promise my father agreed to so we wouldn't be banned from the city. I refused that."

    "But what if he's expecting that? We can't do much but we have to be sure to follow our own rules here, Melli. Even if you don't wish to." Mimi said but Melina sighed not believing it and pretends to have never heard of it. She was about to drink more of her hot cocoa before hearing some new topics of things from cases but she begins re checking it because of it.

    "I guess but still....."

    "Faith happens to many of us we are not sure what will happen for us. You might say it has reasons for what it's doing. You can't ignore one can but you keep running away from it." Mimi said worried about Melina but again, she didn't answer.

    "That's why I'm never going to agree with it. I won't let things go that way. Even if it's rules, I refuse for that to happen.."


    "Now come on, we have some things to do before Tony comes back.." she said getting to work but Mimi did the same shaking her head.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    Tony returned with brandon behind him he didnt fight making tony early. Brandon kooked around seeing vbmelli last.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    "Well, here we are at the police station. Just a warning, she tends to be a little jumpy but Melina is a sweetheart and I'm sure or hope you can help her. I don't want anything happening to her and I can't afford to lose her because of her sickness." Tony walks into the room while wondering if she'll be okay. If Brandon was the best doctor for her then it might do her some good and for her health as well.

    "If your this worried about your officer I'll do my best to help her for you Tony. I did the same for some other doctors and patients so she wouldn't be as difficult." he said. 'However, you don't fully get what an Omega has certain needs and I already know what she needs.'

    "Either way, I can't thank you enough for taking her in to help her.."

    "But of course, Tony. What are friends for?" he said to only see Tony looking around and decided the front of this building and taking his cell out. He guesses that was to call Melina down to the main floor so she can meet him.

    "Why are you calling her? Isn't she able to hear from some loud PDA?"Brandon asked as the stop at the door that leads into the building.

    "Nope. She ignores it still working but I'll get to her through phone quicker."

    "That's understandable...I guess." he said before seeing Tony letting out a sigh.

    "Just trust me on this okay? Now, lets head inside since were wasting time talking out here."

    Brandon follows Tony into the building but he was smelling many different scents from Omegas and betas. Not many Alphas were sensed in this place that made his nose twitch. Many Omegas were busy with other things that's important so he can understand that himself.

    However, his main focus was finding this Melina and hoping to meet her. He did have to hide his excitement because he seriously wanted to meet Melina if she was here. Exploring everything of what her photo expressed and said about her. What got him was her beautiful eyes and her other special gift she was born with in her clan.

    Tony took his phone out and decided to call Melina on her cell phone as Brandon stood tall in the hall beside, eyeing the other Omegas and Betas that walked by. He could hear the ringing from Tony's phone before it played some voice message to make him hang up.


    "She's not answering her cell. Guess that tell me she's over working on a case again. I'll just try Mimi instead.." He tries her phone number next and waited for a answer.

    In the other office in a floor above them, Melina and Mimi was just done working on some case together with clues and information to pass along. They really work quick when getting this done and that makes them a good time. Melli was happy to have her as a partner and the same with Mimi having Melina as a partner.

    "That was easy. Took us about two minutes I think?"

    "One minute you mean silly. Besides, that case wasn't too hard but enough talking, we got more cases to work with." Melina said about to work till hearing Mimi's phone buzzing in her right pocket. She looks down to take the phone out and check who was calling her.

    "Who is that?"

    "Huh, it's Tony..He must be back." She said answering it. "Hey Tony what's up?......yeah, I'm here with Melina since we just finished another case filing and stuff.....yeah..uh huh. Oh? You need to see Melina downstairs? Someone wants to meet her? Okay I guess...Okay. Yes sir.." She hangs up the phone.

    "What did Tony say?"Melli asked looking up at her friend.

    "He said he has some doctor to meet you downstairs in the main lobby. I didn't know he was looking for a doctor to help you." Mimi said confused and Melina was a bit upset he did that. Sure, she had problems with her past and other things but the chief didn't have to do that.

    "I don't know but I wish he would have told me he's planning on finding me a doctor to help me with my...ahem, 'condition'"she mutters and stood up about to get more document papers but Mimi stops her with a gentle smile.

    "Don't worry about it silly. We all care about you and so does Tony. We all want to be sure you get all the help you need to feel like your old self again." she said but Melina smiled thinking that's sweet of her to say before checking the clock.

    "I know that thanks Mimi. That means a lot."

    "Sure. Now, why don't we go and see what the captain has for you to meet hmm?" she said but before Melina got a word out, she quickly drags her out of the room into the hall. Here she would have tried to argue with her friend but shook her head. Mimi was maybe wondering what they were having for lunch.

    It had to be meatball subs Wednesday and it was the best thing ever for them to get enough as possible. She had to drag Melina out of the office since she was going to refuse so she was being dragged down the hallway while hearing Mimi laughing.

    "Geez Mimi. Did you become more stronger than I remember? Your grip is breaking my hand.." she joked but Mimi ignores it with a laugh and giggle walking down the hallway with a smile on her face.

    "Oh come on, Melli. I'm sure you will enjoy the food today as you need to but you try to skip it. Lets hurry and met this person you need to meet and get lunch together before it's all gone..." she teased while Melina sighed walking.

    "Knowing the others in this building loving this day, that's expected Mimi.."

    "Yeah yeah sure. Either way, we are eating together weather you like it or not. After you speaks with this doctor first."

    "Come on Mimi, I need to work on my things and the cases we just got after I meet this guy. Can't I take a rain check on that lunch?" she asked but Mimi shook her head while dragging her away from the other rooms that had some work. After all, some had to go ahead and work with treating themselves and then others.

    "Not this time now come on!! Lets hurry up."

    Melina knew she couldn't win against Mimi so they show up through the hallway to the stairs. Just as they make it down the main hallway, Melli suddenly stops smelling something in the air. Something that made her whole body completely freeze in it's tracks. This made Mimi stop and turn around to watch her.

    "Melina? What's wrong? You okay?" she asked but Melli didn't hear her while looking around but she suddenly felt very sick. The same sickness she's never felt for a long time as a child. The same feeling when she met him.

    "Melina? Hello? Can you hear me?" she asked again but Melina didn't react.

    "........."Her heart beats rather fast to pass out before running past Mimi down the stairs to see and hope she was wrong.

    "Huh? Hey! Come back Melina! Where are you going!" Mimi chases after her to figure out what was wrong with her. Melina's never did this before so what could have made her look so spooked? She kept running down the halls after getting from the stairs, breathing in and out while feeling fear crawling up her back. She was hoping it was not true, hoping it's just her imagination.

    'It can't be..that same smell. That dirty nasty smell....Is that freak here?! No, he couldn't be but if he is I need to get out of here. I won't let him get me if he's here..'She gets to the main hallway while Mimi kept shouting at Melli to slow down or stop to rush over to the doors but at that time she sees Tony back but peaking with someone.

    "Melina!! Stop for a second! I know you might be hungry right now but you don't have to run like that!" Mimi said trying to catch up but Melina kept looking at the other two speaking with one another.

    The man was wearing some business suit in a rather dark color of dark brown. His black hair slick back and neat. He seems to be someone Tony knew but why did this darker feeling get worse for her?

    Tony noticed Melina but smiled to wave but it was the same time the other turned around to show Brandon. Melina and Brandon looked eye to eye with one another but her heart almost stopped when seeing this man and his blood red eyes. A sinister aura was around him but she recognized it. The same one that was with the higher head of the same one she met years ago. Nothing else caught her attention nor did Mimi's yelling and Tony's worried confused look.

    Brandon smiled to look at her before Melina quickly turns to try and leave the building while Mimi and Tony tried to ask what was going on or at least Tony asking Mimi why she was freaking out like this. As she gets to the door, a hand slams against the door to stop it from opening to make the female bunny squeak in fear. Brandon was using his strength to stop Melina from opening the door and escaping to freedom. She slowly turns around to look up but her indigo eyes were full of fear while Brandon's blood red eyes were lost in hunger.

    "....." It was like staring death in the face. A lion lunging over his bunny prey for him to eat whole. That could make anyone faint.

    "Hello there, Melina Shimaki. I'm Brandon Maboroshi. Tony's told me so much about you and I'm hoping in some way I can get to know you a lot more...." he said in a smooth darker tone of voice but Melina couldn't move. She couldn't breath or speak seeing this man up close that he was really close again her. This man or whoever it was scared her. It left her whole body shaking in fear before Brandon slowly leans in closer to touch her cheek but near her ear to whisper.

    "I finally found you my beautiful little bunny...." he said to tease her but Brandon hears her whimper again afraid but it sort of a turn on that made her want to shiver up and die. Tony rushes over and Mimi too but even she felt nervous about this man. Melina quickly shoves him away from her and rushes out from under him and through the main doors.

    "Wait Melina, Wait!" Mimi called out but Tony sees her run outside and down the street away from the building but he knew

    "Melina! Shit! Mimi, go and find her. We can't have her having another break down after the last time her little 'condition' acted up."

    "Yes sir!" Mimi quickly follow after her. Brandon thought it was adorable seeing her behave like this but at least he saw her and was happy about something. It was the same girl; the same from his childhood he was to make his mate for life. This was going to be fun.


    He turns around hearing Tony call him but showed a confused look on his face. "I'm sorry about her. Melina never behaved like that before." he said but Brandon laughed a bit.

    "It's fine. Besides, you did say she was very jumpy and now I've seen that. It's no worry but I'm hoping she will be alright." he said but Tony sighed before thinking a bit.

    "Ether way, Melina shouldn't do that in some way but I could be wrong. Either way, I'm sure she'll be okay after we find her." Tony said but Brandon shook his head still showing his smile while turning away from Tony to look out at the window. He knew she can't be fixed like that but since he was her mate, he knew what she needed. However, that might have to be a while for him to break and get into her mind.

    "You all worry too much about one female, Tony. Knowing her, she's just a little shaken from the body movements she's done. Maybe after we find her we can try other things to help her."

    "And you know others with this sort of thing?"

    "Well, I know some might behave like that Tony but they didn't have the same problem as Melina does. However, lets not waste time. How about we find Melina before she...hurts herself hmm?" he said before Tony could ask, he turns to leave out the door to find Melina but thanks to his nose, he could track her down with Tony close behind or just getting in a car that could follow after them. Oh where could his little bunny could be? He'll find her sooner or later.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    Brandon rushed mro find her with tony worried.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He knew the city was big and wide for Melina to hide anywhere but Brandon could smell her scent. Nothing would get past her and not from his nose. That's how his father would find his targets just in case but with her and being an Omega, that could lead to problems. Right now, Tony wanted to find her to be sure she's safe and Brandon hoping to know more about her.


    Melina was running down the streets in fear and worry, trying to get away from him. Far away as possible because she didn't want to get anywhere near him and his dangerous mind. Melina couldn't believe this man found her after so long and right now, she just wanted to get away from him.

    She just kept running faster and faster, ignoring her sore feet and legs away from the point. Even after that same problem, Melina didn't want to be near this man or hope he would find her. She just kept running away from as long as her legs can carry before getting into a small shop that was of food and baked sweets. The owner of this place saw her and hurries over worried that Melina was on the ground after walking in, breathing in and out.

    "Melina! What's wrong and why do you look like you've been running some marathon?" She asked worried but Melina couldn't answer while looking down slightly.

    "......." She didn't say anything towards that right now before slowly felt the woman sigh and stand up. She goes to make some tea for Melli after bending down near her and sees her looking away from it.

    "Melina Shimaki, you know I'll help you any way I can but if you don't tell me anything and don't say anyt-"

    "I saw him. I saw that mad man Marcy. He's back in the city and he found me." she said panicking a little but the woman rubs her back trying to calm her down as best as possible.

    "Found you? Who found you sweetie?"

    "You know! Him! That monster from the Brown Lion clan..he found me and n-now he's after me...."she said about to cry but Marcy hugs her gently to try calming her down which did help after some time. When Melina did calm down, she lets go to get something for her.

    Melli sat up carefully against the wall and sees Marcy come back with some tray in her hands. It must have had food on it since Melina hated it when she gives her food to calm her down. However, she didn't want to worry anyone else. Melina tried to eat some food to calm her down which helped but Melina just sighed to breathed in and out.

    "There, just relax and try not to let it get to your mind too much. Now, explain what is going on? What did you mean about the brown lion clan alpha?" she said but Melli looked down not sure how to explain it.

    "I just told you, Marcy. I saw 'him'."

    "So it was true about his father standing down from the leader status and his son taking it over as he said. Dear, are you sure it's him and no one else?" Marcy asked.

    "Yeah. I know that expression and those blood red eyes anywhere. I won't ever forget them for as long as I live. He found me and now it's like he's playing some nice reunion thing with me like I'm some play thing for him. I know that dirty smell from him being the Lion alpha in his clan. I don't know how he found me but I wish he didn't find me." she grumbled but she slowly sees Marcy let out a sigh but had a guess that was the only reason.

    As a child, Marcy saw Melli freaking out or crying things like 'don't let him find me' or 'keep the brown lion away'. These were old memories but since she's older, that only became worse. One hand reaches to pat Melina's back while she drinks some coffee that she slowly lets out a sigh.

    "Melina, you know it's faith. You are not able to avoid it no matter what you do or say. He's an Alpha and you're an Omega. Whatever you do at the moment won't help you in anyway possible. Even running from it won't help the problem Melina. It's fa-"

    "He is not my mate!"

    "But he is because it's faith, dear. You can't deny that." she said worried.

    "It's not faith, Marcy! I will not let that monster or thing claim me as a mate. I don't know how my visions of having a lion as my spirit animal with me. However, that won't let me feel any better because of it. I rather leave the city besides having him find me."

    "Melina, I know you don't want this to happen but faith is faith. No one can avoid it. Even the Omegas and Alphas can't avoid it. Faith happens in some way." She said to Melina but she just lets out a sigh before hearing the door open. This made Melina jump in terror but saw Mimi rushing over in worry.

    "Melli! Thank goodness I found you. Why did you run off like that? You got me and Tony worried about you and chasing after you but I'm glad to see you here and safe." she said hugging her but Melli shook hugging back afraid that her eyes remained shut.

    "I'm sorry, I just...I freaked out because of......him. I'm sorry for worrying you Mimi.."

    "It's okay but still, I'm more worried about you because of it. Are you sure you'll be alright? Do I need to-"

    "No. I'm fine Mimi. I'm alright.....I just need to figure out why that monster found me now and why?"


    "She's freaking out about seeing the Brown Lion leader or the son." Marcy said with a sigh but Mimi looked at Melina as she was rocking back and forth hoping it's all a dream.

    " that's why she-" Mimi sees her nod to answer but Melina just keeps looking down, not able to forget his face from many years ago. The same horrible cold feeling moving down her back while she was feeling her heart racing. She slowly tried to calm down but just when she was, her body started freaking out when the same pain was felt shot into her mind. She drops the plate feeling it spreading through her body and her body glowing of her aura. Mimi and Marcy quickly stood up in worry, watching her crying a bit from the pain.

    "Oh no, not again!" The older woman said standing up while Mimi went to held her friend sit up. She was never able to see her in this much pain before but now seeing it made her feel nervous. Melina just grips some of her hair trying to breath but that wasn't helping her.

    "Melina! What is happening to you?! Melli!!" Mimi said worried but Marcy quickly rushes over to get the phone to try calling for the ambulance.

    "Hello, 911 what is your emergency?"

    "Hello? Yes, I have a guest in my shop feeling ill and weak. I need an ambulance right away! My address? Of course. My address is-"

    Before saying, the door opens up rather quickly for Mimi and Marcy to look over. Tony was there looking shocked with the other two quickly looking over as well. They didn't see Brandon come in towards Marcy and take the phone. She jumps as he slams it down harshly on the counter with it's pieces scattering all around the counter and floor.

    "W-what are you.."

    He presses a finger to his lips looking down at Marcy but she slowly felt some nervousness flooding her stomach and even smelling his dangerous scent. Mimi smelled this man's scent too but that only made her feel nervous to not like him. Brandon sees the phone broken now but spots Melina laying against the wall afraid and out of it. She was breathing in and out that her chest rose and sank but her eyes were dazed out crying from the over bearing pain.

    "Why did you do that!?" Marcy said after shaking her head to clear it.

    "Because their is no need for that, my dear. We shouldn't be calling them and they won't know how to deal with a problem such as thing." he said gently but Marcy moves back from him since he was an Alpha but Mimi was watching Melina freaking out more.

    "Are you crazy!?"

    "I'm not crazy, just stating the truth.." he said with arms behind his back showing that sweet smile over Marcy's worried one.

    "With all due respect, Alpha I understand that you have your ways with helping others." Marcy started as Brandon nods to say he's following her. "But that was uncalled for. If you didn't know, your mate is very ill, laying on the ground in pain, and is freaking out. We need to get her some help-"

    "And let the human doctors try to help her with no idea how?" he said as she looked at him again with no words. Brandon shook his head looking to Melina that still was on the floor crying in pain of some sort.

    "Mister Maboroshi-"

    "Relax. Their is no need for her to call for help. Now, if you would like, you can give her to me so I can be of help for her.." he said gently but saw Mimi and Tony looking more worried as he goes over to Melina that moves back away from him in fear.

    "Poor thing is paralyzed.." he said but it sounded like he loved her this way. That only made the pain of fear worse as Melina cried again to make Marcy try calling again after finding a second phone to use. She got 911 again but before saying a thing, he takes the phone not breaking it this time.

    He pulls it near his ear and spoke in a different language of his family's tongue to make the other on the other line hang up. "What are you-"

    "I told you that's not needed because think about it. Would the others in the hospital know how to help Melina here? Thinking her condition is stress from working or the every days of life building on her to crash? Please, that's more serious than that but if you want, go ahead and call them. I'm sure they will be unsure how to help her when arrive in the hospital and finds nothing."




    "Now, that's taken care of..."

    "How is this taken care of? Your mate is still ill, she's freaking out, and she-Hey!" Brandon walked by Marcy and towards Melina still crying on the floor. When getting close to her, Brandon bends down near her side to notice her seeing him. She quickly scrambles away but only feels the wall pressed against her back.  

    "G-get away from me, you beast!" she said scared to hide her face but Brandon didn't respond to that reaching up to slowly touch her soft cheek as she winces slightly. She whimpers a little from his touch but Brandon knew it was the same one, feeling the same gentle soothing skin against his fingers made him almost hungry to keep her.

    "Such a pretty woman you are, I guess introductions is in order hmm? Again, my name is Brandon Maboroshi. Head leader Alpha of the Brown lion clan. It's nice to meet all of you and...our sweet little bunny here as well...." he chuckled that made Melina more scared of him to move away from his touches but they became more disturbing as his excitement started showing a bit in his red blood eyes.

    Mimi grew worried to see her friend like that and when seeing Melina about to freak out, she quickly get in front of Brandon as he moves back seeing Mimi glaring at him. Marcy and Tony watches this in worry but Tony was shocked.


    "Sorry sir but this guy.....he's really different and the smell he gives off makes me nervous for Melina.."

    "Oh? Getting defensive I see?"

    "Be quiet you and stay away from my friend you jerk! I don't know why you are making her freak out but you better not touch her again." Mimi warns.

    "You think you can tell me what to do? Do you even know how to help her in some way? Knowing her feeling this pain through her body, I know how to help her.."

    "I don't care, just leave her alone!"

    "Mimi, stand down. Remember; he's an Alpha and your a Omega. We all have our places in our clans and knows when to not cross them. Now, stand down.." he orders as she still refused while hearing Melina's feared whimpers.

    "At least she has good friends to protect her, Tony. That's something good to see in this city. Same with all the clans trying to work things out with one another with no more double crossing on each other.."

    "That was taken care of years ago, Brandon remember?"

    "I know but still...things can come back in history. Now, would you please hand over my mate?"


    "Mimi, I said stand down!" Tony said.

    "I won't let him take or hurt my friend, sir. I don't want anything happening to her since we know some of the Brown lion's clan history....." she said but no one else spoke of that while Brandon looked a bit annoyed with this one. She sure was becoming a problem but he just wanted his mate and leave from here.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He waits surely they didnt jnow his story.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    "Mimi, I told you to stand down alright? I know you are worried about things right now and with her but please..." Tony didn't want to cause some fight to happen but that made Mimi more worried about things to what was going to happen. She figures in some way, this Brandon might harm Melina in some way and she will be more afraid of everything regardless of her condition.

    "But sir, I don't want anything happening to Melina and she's still afraid. Please, we have to-"

    "I know, but I'm worried about her as well. Everyone is but I think we have to leave her with someone that can help her way better than we can. Hell, even the doctors can't help us during some times right? You wish for Melina to get better right?" he asked Mimi as she looked at Melina but then at Tony. Of course she wanted her to get better for her but she didn't want anything to hurt her to cause more problems.


    "Listen to me, okay? I know you wish to help Melli. I want to help her myself too but this is between her and her....ahem mate. We can't really be of help for Melina right now." He said.

    "It's not fair sir. Melina shouldn't be even near or involved with the brown lion clan. You know their history and what they did before..."

    "I know but they are still the highest clan in the city. We are just Omegas and they are Alphas. They are more powerful than us and Brandon could easily kill us."

    Mimi looked at Tony with sadness in her eyes but sees Brandon waiting for them to finish speaking but she still didn't trust him nor liked him for how dangerous he could be. Reading upon their history and the same for her own family.

    Before long, Mimi lets out a sigh and slowly goes to move to the side for Brandon. However, a face of anger was on him while another hidden face of worry was for Melina.

    "You better not harm her in any way you monster." she hissed but Brandon shook his head to show a smile upon his face.

    "I won't harm her in any way. Now, if you please.." He walks over to Melina as she was now calming down but tenses up when Brandon came closer to bend down. He reaches over to pet her head as Melina shuts her eyes still not sure if she can trust him in some way but he wasn't doing anything to her.

    "See? I'm not gonna hurt you...." he said in a quiet tone but she slowly looks at him with her indigo eyes as his blood red eyes looked into her own. So beautiful and yet so warm made him wonder how in the world she didn't have anyone to claim her for their own. He's lucky to be the very first and only one to do so. She didn't say anything before the pain she somehow felt was going on and get replaced by some warmth like feeling going through her body.

    It made her feel woozy a bit that she slowly falls back but Brandon stops her to catch her in his arms. The others were looking around to gently see her sleeping but Melina was picked up by him while Brandon faces them.

    "I-Is she?"

    "She's fine. Just passed out from the stress but after some rest, she'll be okay again." Brandon said but they let out a sigh before watching Melina sleep in his arms.

    ~Hours later/Nighttime~

    Melina was sleeping on the chair in Brandon's office but he was checking on some e-mails. More things of his other special customers paying him for the new organs he's harvested. The banks for himself always kept up high but he barley spends the money on things he likes except for when doing his work and maybe some other things too. He figures they were happy but so was he before finishing up with adding the money to his account.

    Before long, he looks up a little to see Melina still asleep on the chair but her light breathing was rather soothing for the quiet room of his office. Seeing her sleeping like that made him wonder if she was sleeping more calm now. After some time, she slowly turns away from him to face the other way with a whimper leaving her lips. He looks at her before a light flush shows on his cheeks. She was super cute and even adorable in her sleep but he wouldn't let that ruin his plans of having her to himself because of it.


    "......" Brandon will have to find out what medication is needed for Melina to take since her 'condition' causes her this much of problems for a while from a child. He might have to see how strong and what dose he also needs to give her so it won't go over board. He stood up moving away from his desk to check on her as she sleeps away breathing in and out lightly.

    Even from here he could do anything to her. Show her she belongs to him. Even making others know she was his mate. However, it might cause problems since others will figure out she ran off or did something that ended up with her getting hurt. For right now, it's not time to show that. Brandon will have to be a doctor that is to help her in any way possible. He will show his true beauty towards her soon.

    "What will I do with you, little bunny? Causing such things to go on between matter, I'll have to work with it as we go along with treatment.." he mutters to touch her cheek again but she winces again from the touch to make him move it. Even in her sleep she knows who is touching her. Interesting but he wasn't too shocked about it.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He takes melli to his home

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He arrives at his home after driving from the main city near the forest area since his family tends to live in wider far places away from the city. Both parents was insisting on giving Brandon his own mansion and they did with the cost of a million dollars for it being built and having butlers and maids.

    Brandon pulls up near the mansion and sees the gates open up for him as he drives through it to the front. The gates closed behind him up and locked to keep intruders out. He parks the car near the side and turns the car off. The mansion was seen large up close for where it was but he didn't seem to mind such places honestly. At least it's big enough for him to continue his work.

    After getting Melina out of the car, he carries her bridal style up the stairs of his home and sees two maids come out from the mansion and bows to him. They wore the same uniforms his father gave him but that he was going change things later on this year. Being busy kinds makes you forget so he'll get to it after a while longer.

    "Welcome home Alpha Brandon.." they said at the same time but he looks to them with a nod then held Melina in his arms. They looked at her sleeping in his arms before looking up at Brandon once more waiting for instructions.

    "Right. Have we gotten any new news about something going on?" he asked walking through the front door and down the hall. The place seems more expensive inside with rare paintings, art work, and flowers leaving a delicate scent in the air. He had it modeled in his design and not of his fathers. He wanted others to know this was his place. Not his fathers. The main carpet rug was covering the tile floor while Brandon walked.

    "No Alpha Brandon but just some other random things that's been passed on to the bills and things. All that is paid. However, we been getting word of Omegas trying to find you for some new info. I guess that could be different.." she said.

    "However, we have things ready for you and we even got dinner ready for you too when ever you wish to eat. We made sure to leave a wide range of food just for you, master."

    "Good. Anything else?"

    "You got a message from your mother from her break in the other guest mansion. However, she's wishing you well during your business but also been hoping for you to see some grandkids."

    Of course she still wished for grand kids but that might be a while wait since he's taking care of his bunny. Sure she's sleeping but he'll make sure she's taken care of and maybe to earn her trust since Melina's very very jumpy around him. She was shocked she didn't try to attack or bite him in defense.

    "Second, we been finding more rises of Alphas and Omegas again in the city but we don't know where the main threats of info is coming from. Your expert teams is looking into it right now and should have some information ready for you." she said walking beside Brandon before getting to the stairs heading up with him. The dim light in the main room gave off a warm glow that he feels Melina shift in his arms, whimpering quietly in her sleep. He found that rather adorable seeing her like this but he still had much to do.

    "Last, we got word that the other gotten some shipments from the other side but we had some things being sent to the mansion for you later on. We should receive it later on this month and maybe sooner...." she said silently but slowly looked down that Brandon stops at the top of the stairs, looking quiet again.

    "Thank you for the status of what's going on so far you two but I have a new task for you." he said looking to the left and walks down the hall to some doors that was either closed and open but he went further down getting to a empty bed room. It seems like any other bed room but fancy in some way as he went inside with Melina and sets her down on the soft bed.

    "Now, ready for your task?"

    "Yes Alpha Brandon..." they said at the same time once more before he faces them now.

    "I would like for you to take care of our guest here. Make sure she gets plenty of rest because she had a busy day. Don't let any one else disturb her while she's resting. No maids, Butlers, etc. are to step into this room. I'll be busy with some things right after but do I make myself clear?"

    "Yes Alpha Brandon...we will obey." they said wit ha bow before Brandon nods with a gentle smile, reaching to touch their heads with light pats. They looked down at the ground still showing respect and feels his hand lift off their heads.

    "Good. If anything comes up, tell me right away." After that, he walking out of the guest room with the maids well one stays inside the room to stand guard and the second standing outside of Melina's door. Brandon begins walking from the room to the elevator. He did give a look around of his home since the inside of the mansion was beautiful and large. However it's expected from his family still filthy rich and getting more money as the years pass along.

    Some how, when he started helping others with their problems and taking care of offers or favors, he became more richer than his father. Brandon pushes the button on the wall for the elevator as the doors shut close and goes up to it's floor. He takes out his cell phone seeing the time being nine but he's not sleepy so maybe he can get some things prepared for later.

    When the elevator arrives at it's destination, the doors open with a ding and he steps out. He walks over to a main door and heads inside it. All around one could see his work on the shelves with medicine, poisons, hospital bed tables, darkened windows, lights hanging above, etc. and some liquid in some tubes. His lab didn't seem to change one bit and he's okay with that and the extra money he got from his work.

    He walks over to pick up two bottles showing some medicine he made that should be good with Melina. Because of her 'condition' he finds that she may need something that calms the nerves and her mind. This should do that and maybe the second one might help ease the second problem down so no other Alphas, Omegas, and betas can smell her scent and wish to claim her as their mate.

    He walks over to a table and begins working on that. Putting on some gloves, he begins fixing some for her to drop pill after pill in a small jar just for her but he was going to take some notes of the process for her medicine. He's doing this so in case he may have to change her medicine. Increase or decrease it's strength but it should be okay for now.

    "......." he examines the bottle again still filling it and writing her prescription info on the label but Brandon was thinking about her once more. He did want to clam her as his mate but she and to be worked with so he can earn her trust. It's not easy to do that if your mate was this jumpy and afraid of you for so long, thinking your a killer of other people. So what if he took a few bodies and sold their organs to the black market? So what if he has gangs that are hidden in the city to target and kill?

    So what if he's the most powerful man in the city that's in control of many other things? Brandon saw no problem with that so he will make her his and earn her trust. No matter the cost. Before planning some idea, he heard the phone ringing to look over at it. Sees like one of his clients were calling him and it's nine at night.

    Wit ha sigh, he reaches over and slowly picks it up.

    "Hello?........yes...........Yes, I been told about the shipment that was coming later on by tomorrow. *Listening to more speaking* No, I have not done anything else after this. Besides, the person you sent have been dealt with so it's not your problem anymore......." he checked on some notes he's gotten but heard more talking on the phone before letting out a sigh before giving it more thought.

    "No, I am still expecting my pay for doing your job and I still hope to receive my payment for that job. I hope you remember I don't work cheap for others unless I seriously owe them. I have more things I need to do for myself but that shouldn't be your problem right?" More speaking was being heard but slowly gave more thought into their words.

    He heard more speaking a bit more but their was some panic in the voice before Brandon laughed to figure it's funny watching others fear him this easily. Even his bunny was scared as soon as he came in the building but he could have been detected by his scent.

    "Yes, I know. Just be sure you send me my payment and make sure you work through it. I will see to it. Good bye.." he hands up the phone but was slowly looking silent but she only gotten more curious about things because of it.

    Meanwhile, the maids were still standing guard with Melina while she sleeps away through the night after today's little problem. However, they saw Melina just yawn a bit feeling more tired now from that. The maid watching her only sat in a chair and only remained silent till she wakes up. The second one still remained outside on guard.

    She didn't wake up from the noise and she slowly yawns and hugs the pillow. After a while, Melina slowly turns a bit and started to keep sleeping because of it while looking more silent because of it. In another location of the mansion, Brandon was sitting in the main living room drinking some wine he gotten from the cellar after fixing Melina's medicine for her but he just had to wait for his bunny to wake up. He slowly takes a sip of his glass before slowly setting the glass down and looked more at the fire. He could see the wide view of his home before checking the time because of it.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He wasnt going to dominate her right away. She was his first real guest and he had to treat her as one until she sorted her feelings out.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He lifts up the wine glass in his hand to his lips, drinking a little bit from it before he stops to lower it. The flavor was dancing on his tongue but he was always good with finding good wine. For the time being, Brandon will have to make this work to gain her trust and maybe earn her love too as other mates would but it's difficult at the moment.

    First off, she's a bunny from the rabbit clan and he's a lion from the Brown lion clan where he's Alpha and she's an omega. He knew many other types in the city kingdom among the family but he's never heard from them.

    Alpha's being the strongest and most dangerous. Head leaders of other clans in the city.
    Omega's being second best but not as dangerous as the Alphas.
    Beta's are the third strongest but not as dangerous since they hate fighting but is good with healing others.
    Gamma's tend to be serious because they hate as others find them clueless when it comes to fighting but their rare to see in the city because they could be in hiding for their business.
    Sigma's are the same as Gamma's but they don't go into hiding but work in the open.
    Delta's don't mind either side because they try to figure out who's more stronger but it's said their trying to win rights with other clans in the city.  

    He was told about these different clans even the ones he's never heard in a long time but it's old news now. Brandon takes a seat near the window but looks to the moon for the remaining point of the night till he sleeps later on.

    The morning came later on as Melina was still sleeping in the same guest room, breathing in and out slowly because of it. She shifts in the covers while yawning a bit more. When the sun shines on her face, that made her wake up blinking twice to see she was somewhere else. She slowly closed her eyes for a second before sitting up in shock to see she was indeed in another area.

    "W-where....where am I?" she sits up from the bed but looks down seeing she was wearing some pjs and her clothes folded in a chair with her other items on the desk near the wall. She looks at the window seeing some large estate that was fancy and highly expensive but she remembers being in the city having some panic. How did she get here and why?

    "......T-this is....weird.."

    "Good morning, Miss."

    Melina turns around in a panic seeing one of the maids that was standing near the bed, not really shocked with her looking scared. She only looked at the maid before didn't know how to respond to it.

    "Where am I? Who are you?"

    "A servant for Alpha Brandon. He gave me and my sister orders for taking care of you for your needs. He's busy with some things right now but is hoping for you to wake up later on when it's time. Right now, we have some water for you for a shower, some food, and clothes being clean..." she said opening a door for Melina but she didn't move looking at the maid then at the window seeing this place.

    "......H-He brought me here......last night?"

    "Yes.." Another voice said seeing the second maid walking through the door but shuts it gently behind her. "He brought you here for rest since you passed out the other day. He's already told the others in the city of your condition so you can rest and recover during the time being. We are to take care of you during the time till he comes to find you himself." She said but Melina couldn't believe this. He brought her to his home but it couldn't be his right?

    "His home? mean he lives here?" she asked.

    "Yes.." They said at the same time.

    "......" She didn't know what to say about hearing that before lowering her hand from the window and goes to take a seat on the bed as the maids stood there waiting for her in case she needed something. When Melina gave it some thought, she looks at them then at the bathroom seeing some hot bath water ready for Melina.

    "Are you ready to get a bath?" she asked but Melina did look at herself, knowing she need a bath sooner or later. Knowing in some way, she seems to be just lose at this. She stood up slowly to head to the bathroom and shuts the door. Even the bathroom seems fancy with the marble and gold that was decorated for it. She ignores it before sitting down on the edge of the tub and takes off the sleep wear. She became naked seconds later and gets in the water, wincing from the heat but not boiling hot.

    Melina takes a seat in the water and tried to relax inside of it, seeing some soap beside the edge for her to use. Lavender, honey and pears, sugar rose, and more were seen ready for her but she decided to use lavender to lather up with a wash cloth and begins washing herself clean. Everything wasn't helping right now with her and she wonders what will happen to her now. Will Brandon kill her when he comes to find her? Will he claim her as his mate? Will he keep her as a prisoner?

    The thoughts made her become scared but shook it off before slowly focused on getting cleaned up. After some minutes to 30, she comes out of the tub when draining it. Melina wore a towel around her body and sees her clothes resting on the bed in the sunlight. She lets out a sigh to lets the towel go and started getting dressed. The two maids waited for her to be done and dressed before hearing the door opening as Melina comes out dressed in her clothes that seems to have been cleaned. Even her underwear was new and the old burned.

    "Seems your done with your bath?" the maids asked.

    "Yes, and now I'm planning on leaving. I don't know why he brought me here instead of taking me home...but I won't say anything about it."  she said with arms crossed but turns to leave before the maids follow her. She heads down the hallway after looking around but sees the main stairs walking down them and seeing the door leaving this place. As she rushes down the stairs to head towards it, Melina stops seeing Brandon heading into the same room that she slowly stops looking at him.



    "Ah Melina good morning. I take it you got your rest last night? I hope you did since I told my servants to make sure your comfortable with your guest room while you sleep." his arms were behind his back while Melina didn't say a thing because of it. She wasn't sure what to say anything about it but slowly glared at him not wanting to speak to him. Brandon noticed her reactions but didn't say a thing with his blood red eyes looking at her.

    "I see that you are a bit remembering about...yesterday. I know that you don't see this being constant but I assure you. I won't harm you in any way......Now, I know you must be hungry after yesterday so I got some breakfast ready for us to eat if you wish-"

    "I'm not hungry..I just want to leave...."

    "Oh come now, you can't leave so soon right now can you? I know deep down you need your energy right now but maybe in some way you wish to feed that stomach. After all, even I know you have to eat sooner or later and I don't want my guest to leave here not as hungry as well so again, why don't you come and join me? I won't bite." he said gently looking at her with a smile but Melinda didn't say a thing but she heard her stomach growling a bit from not eating yesterday and today.

    She did feel hungry right now but she also didn't want to eat here instead of leaving for home. However, her friends were going to get worried about her and give her food to over stuff her. With a sigh, she goes to walk over to the dining room to maybe see if he's right but stops smelling something. On the table was showing a wide range of food for him and her to eat as the butlers and  maids stood waiting for any orders from him. Melina took a few steps inside of the dinning room looking at the food but Brandon walks into the room beside her and goes to take a seat and pull it out for her.

    "My lady?"

    "I can take a seat myself without your help..." she grumbles while sitting down in the chair while looking away from him as he took a seat in his own chair and two maids started putting some food on their plates for them to eat for this morning.

    "But of course....." She sees the food on her plate before Melina slowly started to eat her food while Brandon did the same being in silence in the same room while eating. You could only hear the noises of their forks and spoons while eating their food. After some time, Brandon looked to see her eating before gently letting out a sigh.

    "My dear? I know you remember from what I said about giving you some medicine to help with your problem correct? I know you don't trust me right now but I hope to help you in any way possible while your here..Since Tony trust me to be the only one that can help you because of things right now."

    "Oh just stop it, you monster! I know you're trying to keep me here to yourself before knowing deep down you'll eat me. I know you have terrible things going on and that won't help you...."

    "Now now, I won't hurt you my dear. To be honest, It's been a long time since I had company here in my home and you are the first. It brings happiness to my heart knowing I have my first house guest."

    "Oh, I wonder why?" she hissed at him angry but that didn't effect Brandon to make him think she was being adorable right now from losing to her temper. However, he'll find a way to make her purr under his touch but baby steps were needed right now.

    "Well, being a alpha leader for a clan can takes time of another but no worries, it's fine. I just want to savor this moment for us so I can help you in any way I can with your condition..Besides, I am a doctor and is willing to help others if needed to."

    "You don't give a damn about my condition, lion. So, I don't need your help, I don't want your help. Just leave me be because your no help to me.."

    "I'm sorry you feel that way but knowing much, you need all the help you can get because you won't get help from other humans in the city I assure you."

    "And why not?"

    "Easy. The doctors in your city won't help you as much because none of them fully understand about or know of your condition except me and the other clans. I can be of all the help you need but going to another won't help you as much. They might sign it off as something called over working." he said looking at his fork but Melinda looks silent to look away.

    "Believe me, humans won't be of help for you except me because I know much of what you need to help you keep at least stable. Unlike humans do that could help or tend to make it worse." Melina sighed hearing his words but looks up angry with him.

    "And how can you be of help for me? From what I know you don't seem to be any much help as you are now."

    He showed a silent look on his face before snapping his fingers, watching a beta butler walks over with some bottle for him to place on Brandon's hand. It was black with a red top but with a white later of some sort of medicine.

    "I made a prescription for you of medicine that can help lower the risk of your condition acting up and the same with attraction that happens with you. Other males tend to become grabby due to your condition and them getting effected by your smell too."

    Melina looked rather confused hearing that that one of her eye brows rose up to look at him with question marks above her head.

    "Attraction? What are you talking about?"

    "Your condition called pureline PDI is a condition you have that acts up because of the power that leader has and others around you. However, not many sub mates have it because it's rare and my dear, you're seems to be the only one that's strongest than others. Because of that strong scent of your, other dominate males tend to try and clam the one with such a strong smell. Being said it could be because you don't have a mate yet...even though we are close mates." he explains but once more Melina wasn't sure about how this was a problem for her but decided to ask him.

    "Tell me something I don't want to know already........can't I just make it stop on my own without the need of drugs?"

    "No my dear, it don't work that way. Because of your Pureline PDI condition, it can't go away just like that. Suppressor antioxidants and other powerful medicines are required to contain the smell, keep that condition under control, and make sure it won't cause some war or fight. Unless their near you they can smell it but far, not really. Which is why I'm made this for you to take if it gets bad or acts up."

    "So you're saying that bottle with medicine is to help me with my problem of a condition? Is that stuff even going to be strong enough to help me? Or are you planning on drugging me in order to get something in return?"

    "Yes, their strong with the best ingredients to suppress your scent but they will help you control your condition at the moment. However no I'm not doing this for anything in return. I just wish to help you, officer Shimaki. Is that bad for a doctor to be of help for you?"

    She stops eating to glare once more towards Brandon with her Indigo eyes meeting blood red once more. "With that coming from you, that's tough trusting a doctor as yourself to help me."

    "That's understandable, my dear......'Hmmm, seems I was wrong about this step being easy with a bunny omega like her. Melina seems to have some barrier of walls around her and won't be broken down so easy. I'll have to keep working with her in I'm to gain her heart and maybe her trust as well. Because right now, I'm barley scratching the challenging my sweet bunny, very challenging indeed..'

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    Ooc: im curious why shes so afraid of him. This is really interesti g to read.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    ooc:I can explain. She's afraid of him because in her younger years, her clan was known working with his family for other reasons but they were down rated for finding out his clan's terrible secrets referring to their business of work in the black market. She believes it was his family that killed half of her clan by having their organs harvested to different buyers, some being shipped off to other countries/cities/ being blackmailed to leaving the city and so on.

    She even found out that her father had to give up her hand to Brandon to become mates for him to stop his clan from being extinct. His family was known for murdering others in the past and they still do that today in secret.

    Melina could smell blood from Brandon from his secret job of harvesting organs for the black market. Second because he acts up her rare Pureline PDI condition which attracts other Alphas and other mains towards her that makes her snap or them wishing to claim her for their own. This effects him because Brandon is her ideal mate but she refuses to accept that.

    The brown lion clan as everyone knows is the most dangerous clan in the city that the other clans won't be able to best them or get close to their power. Each clan has their own level of power:

    (For Example)

    Brown lion clan: Main head of all clans/head owners and partners for another company working in the black markets to provide their services to sell organs/shipments/etc.

    Grizzly bear clan: Mainly working for police forces all over the city and countries/known for working with other clans to keep city safe. Even helping the brown lion clan.

    The brown rabbit clan: They are healers but known for working with the Grizzly bear clan and other clans that is able to work with them. They also are mainly helping the Grizzly bear clan with their police work.

    The black snake viper clan: Works in a partnership with the brown lion clan. Their ruthless but tries to bend rules whenever others tell. Some say, one of the lion clan Alphas crossed paths to form an alliance. They are Alphas.

    The grey Wolf clan: Personal hackers and code creators to help sell things to the market and black market. Their both the black snake viper and Brown lion clan's third dealing with items their trying to get sold for millions and millions of dollars.

    Then their is the rankings for each one.

    Alpha's being the strongest and most dangerous. Head leaders of other clans in the city. (Brandon's family is the only ones with 100% Alpha born for male and female of the brown lion clan. Showing power and dominance over others in their city. Has Beta and human followers that serve them for many years now.)

    Omega's being second best but not as dangerous as the Alphas. (This is for Tony and others of the Brown grizzly clan. Same with Melina's clan as well.)

    Beta's are the third strongest but not as dangerous since they hate fighting but is good with healing others. (This is a mix of the other clans but only 5% of them are from Brandon's family)

    Gamma's tend to be serious because they hate as others find them clueless when it comes to fighting but their rare to see in the city because they could be in hiding for their business. (Most are from the black viper snake and bunny clan members but it's 50-50 in between them)

    Sigma's are the same as Gamma's but they don't go into hiding but work in the open. (Mostly black viper snake clan members)

    Delta's don't mind either side because they try to figure out who's more stronger but it's said their trying to win rights with other clans in the city.  (Mainly everyone but mostly lives with humans as others)

    In short, she wanted to expose him for his evil deeds and what his family has done to others but things are not as easy because of it. His family is known for their dirty work but she became scared seeing what he can do to others when finding out about it. So far, she's been obsessed with trying to expose him but nothing worked to where it failed number of times.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    Okay he himseof hasnt do e anything wrong lol

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    OOC: Remember what I said, he does the family business but on his own terms. To Melina she seems him as being scary or some sort of monster that butchers targets or others he don't like.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    Ooc: okay does this have anything to do wi th the stein family lol.

    Bic: after a few days of paranoia her untouched body began to adjust to her knew environment. She was well treated none of the servants were lions. In fact they were mostly the type no one wanted to save. He traded on the black market for their treatments and she began to see he worked the family business but much kinder. He harvested organs sure but he didnt waste any life doing so. Most were still alive and some even stayed to be servants.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    ooc:You will find out later on as this goes along

    bic: Melina wasn't sure what to think about all this but even if he was a main brown lion clan member of the city, she wasn't fully sure about it. Others still told her to be careful when it comes to him but that only made her think in between this. Was his family different or was he putting on a mask to trick her? Right now, things wouldn't help her at the moment so she wouldn't be able to figure something out.

    Maybe she can keep away from them before going ahead and fixing something. Regardless of being what she is, Melina wanted to live and be happy without the feeling of her pain being an Omega. All her life, she was worried about her father but after some time that might have changed him. He and her mother was worried about their daughter and the others because of Brandon's father ordering many of her clan to be killed or hunted down.

    When finding out, Melina wanted to get him back for that but Brandon's father was already dead by that time. Now, she wasn't sure what to do now. One side is saying to get rid of Brandon for what he's done but another said to move on and leave him be. She wasn't sure even when he has not bothered her ever since she was staying here after he brought her here.

    "............" She shook her head and was just about to head into the city for work that she heard rapid footsteps heading towards her.

    "Miss wait! Wait one moment!"

    Melina stops to turn around as she sees one of the butlers stopped in front of her. She didn't say anything but looks to see him holding a letter signed for her. She blinks looking at it confused while the butler caught his breath for a second.

    "You have a message from the city, Miss. I have a guess you didn't get this so I am giving it to you."

    "Umm, thank you?" she said before taking it so she could read it. The letter was opened with her fingers as she took out a folded white paper of a letter addressed to her. It read the following:

    Dear Melina,

    It's me Tony. I hope you're doing alright so after since that day of you getting help for your treatment. Listen, me and the others are hoping that your treatments are doing well for now and that Brandon is helping you with them. Mimi and I are still very worried about you and hope you're going to make a strong fast recovery depending on what you have to do. I know that you still might not trust the doctor I found but he will be able to help you with no problem and with whatever he's doing is to help you.

    He's helped many people in the past and even me and my parents. So I know your in good hands when it comes to him so please just trust him on this. Everyone in the station is even asking me if you are doing alright but I told them you are. They shouldn't worry about you because your a strong young lady and I know you'll be just fine after a while. If you are planning on coming back to the city, be careful. We know your still being under watch because of your condition so just text me whenever you get close or if your thinking of taking a vacation from this over load of work. I'll fully understand if you need to take a breather from your over load of work but honestly, you do. Anyway, I hope to hear from you real soon again okay? See you soon Melli.


    So he was keeping an eye on her but Melina wasn't sure how to respond to it because of it. Right now, she wasn't sure how to feel regarding it but she was fine. Melina shook her head and folds the letter up and looks to the butler.

    "Thank you for giving me this.." she mutters as he gives a nod and turns to head back inside. Her eyes looked at the car that was sent here for her as she gets in and starts it. From the window, Brandon could see her driving off and heading to the city once more but he was looking over at the others that was cleaning up his bedroom and maybe getting some other work together that's from the other black markets etc. He still wonders if he'll get close to know Melina but because of her less trusting feelings, he's not sure anymore. The only main reason he would butcher someone is if they were threatening or trying to kill hm while bringing his family clan down to the ground. He lets out a sigh before looking at a paper he got from this morning fax machine.

    "Is something wrong, master?" One butler asked him but Brandon shook his head to looking at the window as Melina was gone.

    "No, nothing is wrong. Did you give the letter to Melina for me?" he asked seeing the butler nod yes.

    "As you ordered sir. She's gotten the letter but seems to be heading into the city right now. Should we go and follow her for safety?"

    "No. You don't need to follow her since she might be back but I don't know. It's her choice but I'm hoping she'll understand about taking this treatment seriously." Brandon said before checking the time as he drains his glass of water and turns away from the window walking to the door.

    "Either way, I will be getting back to my work now and remember, I don't need someone to disturbed me unless it's very important or involving Melina. Do I make myself clear?"

    "Yes sir." he said turning to go ahead and leave to do his work for today. They waited for him to leave the main room before seeing the doors closing behind him with a light noise. Meanwhile, Melina arrived at the police station that caught the eye of some others seeing her. They rush over with concerned and words to see if she was okay but Melina laughed to smile at them saying she was alright.

    Mimi and Tony saw her and rushes over as Mimi tackled her in hugs and worried crying and Tony shaking his head. "Melina? I thought you were resting. Why did you come in?" he asked.

    "Why wouldn't I? I know I'm trying to take better care of myself but I have to be sure I can still work. Besides, I'm taking medicine to help me so I'm alright.."

    "I'm glad to hear but I figure because of this, you would be taking a few days better your condition." he said seeing Melina now confused.

    "What do you mean? I just can't take a break knowing theirs work to be done with the villains and the protection of the city. Even with the other things happening in the city so yeah, my work is never done and I need to be of help, regardless of my so called condition." she said but Tony sighed shaking his head.

    "Melina, I understand but you need to worry about yourself too. I'm happy that you wish to give your help in this but I can't forgive myself if you were to get hurt in some way because of it. Now, I could let you work but it might not be as long or I could let you work from home."

    "Speaking of which, I was going to go home and check on it or did something happen and you didn't tell me?"

    "Well, someone else is watching your house for now or someone said you were moved out. Why else were your things being transported to the Brown lion's clean mansion." Mimi said to see Melina looking shocked.


    "Yeah, didn't you get my text. They were moving your things over there so that way you wouldn't have to worry so much but going to work and going home. It might keep the main heads away from you in case your thing acts up and spreads your scent for them to find you." she said but Melina was looking angry now from the thought. How in the world did this happen with her not knowing and why? She gets her problem was something but it shouldn't have to result in her being forced to move with him????


    "We're sorry Melina. WE figure you know about it but this is for your own safety." Tony explained worried.

    "I can't believe this. So now I have to live with him!? NO way! I don't think I want to right now...."

    "In a way but no one could tell you because they knew how angry you will be if we told you about all this. Now, if you just go with it, hopefully things will be okay." he said rubbing the back of his head but Melli only sighed to cover her face, shaking her head slightly.

    "Oh brother..."

    "Again, I'm sorry but at least I kept this just in case you were going to come see us again." Tony showed a bit box for Melina as she looks at it and took it. Mimi watches her open the box to show some stuffed teddy bear that had a blue bow tied around it's neck and left ear. She didn't say a thing before looking at Tony.

    "I know you are mad at me for this but I'm hoping this will have you forgive me? We all know you love teddy bears so......" he looks at the bear then at Melli that slowly just sets the box down and hugs the bear gently in her arms.

    "Thanks Tony. I'm still mad you didn't tell me about my stuff getting moved out to the mansion where that doctor is but.....thanks for the bear...I guess." she mutters.

    "Of course but are you going to stay here or head back? I don't mind if you come to work but you shouldn't work too much but if you go home, that's fine too. I want to be sure your going to be okay." he said but Melina shook her head to look at him.

    "I'll work for a little bit then head home. Will that work?"

    "That's perfect.."

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    His urges were bad but he resisted for her sake. He feared his urges and hurting her bjt he had forgotten that she would love it

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    For the whole day, Melina went back to working on some things but Tony didn't want her to over do it. Just a few bits of work a day then she could go home after. Melina wasn't going to argue with him (she lost a few arguments a while back) and decides to do as he wished. She was watching Mimi writing some notes down while drinking some water but Melina looks down at the papers she's been checking for all passable notes and work from other work cases. She did wonder if her things got to that doctor's home safely because she had very important things at her home and didn't want anything to be broken.

    She figures that it only would be okay but Melina wanted to just hurry and check. "Hey, Melli? You seem distracted about something? Are you okay? Do I need to get Tony?" she asked a bit worried but Melina shook her head to show a little smile on her face. Her friend always worried about her but it's sweet of her. Just like a little sister wanting to make sure her bigger sibling was okay.

    Well, she and Mimi knew each other since they were children and she did help her during the times of her panics. Melina owes Mimi so much in her life but maybe in another time, she can find a way to repay her for the kindness she showed her from back then to today.


    "I'm fine, silly. I just trying to make sure we got everything right before moving onto the next one. Besides, you know how Tony gets if these are not correct." she laughed writing some some notes beside one sheet of work then kept passing them over while Mimi sighed taking it.

    "I know but I'm just making sure. You're my best friend and I don't want anything happening to you Melli. Is that so bad?"

    "Nope. Now come on, you know I'm going to be heading back home since Tony got me on probation of no over working myself." she said smiling while Mimi nods, putting away the paper work.

    "You can't blame him, silly. He's just worried about you like the rest here. You're like family to us and we can't have anything happening to you."

    "I know, I know and I thank you for you and the others worries but I'm, how about this we get some lunch later together kay?" she asked seeing Mimi giggle and smile with eyes shut. She nods her head agreeing so they kept on working for the remaining time of day. After the work was done and Melina gets a bit of lunch, she was driving back home or well to the doctor's estate since she lives there now.

    That still upset her for no one telling her she would be moving over there with him. True, she had her problems from her past memories and childhood but she didn't feel okay with this but she wouldn't win any argument between someone. All she can do is do these treatments and hope to feel better but from having it for so long, it might not be possible.

    Melina arrived at the front gates of the estate after driving through when they opened. She looks around for a parking spot hearing the gates closed behind her but when she did find one, her eyes noticed some other cars there in the other spots in the front. Did that doctor have company? Great, that wouldn't do well and she grew angry that their were still coming to visit him. She slams the door of the car and gets her things, heading up to the front door. She opens the door slowly without making too much noise but she sees other maids cleaning up or sweeping the floor that remained clean with no dirt.

    "................." she wouldn't ask and decided to head to her room to see if the things from her apartment came here. During that time, she heard some other voices speaking in another room to make her look at it confused. So their were others here in this place speaking with the doctor no less. They seem to have been speaking of something important but she wouldn't be rude to bother them. She turns to head into the next room seeing some stairs and heads up.

    In that room, Brandon was indeed inside of it with other head leaders of the other clans in the city. Some were eating or wishing to make some demands with the brown lion clan. They never seem to see things clearly and already had some complaints about things in the city. Brandon never understood why they speak to him about this but his father did the same thing when he was child.

    "So Brandon, you understand what is happening right now? Or is this too much for a doctor like you. We don't wish to rattle your brain with nonsense." he said to tease Brandon who ignored that while drinking his tea.

    "I already know of the situation right now but your teasing isn't help with things in the city. Unless you wish for a early kick out of my city...I can do that." he said this as a warning but the other sits down looking away while the others looked at Brandon that was relaxing now. However, one did wish to ask him something that seems to be a bit more important.

    "So head lion, we figure since you are getting near the age, have you...found that certain mate you were destined to be with? We heard she was a real beauty." she said to him but Brandon sighed to look away from her but sees his servant walking over with food while taking a few to eat. He already found his bride to be but she didn't want to do anything with him. Seeing him as some monster just like his father. However, that might come in due time but he just hopes he's strong enough from his urges.

    "Lets just say it's a work in process. I'm sure I'll find her soon enough."

    "Don't lie to us Brandon. We could smell a new scent in this estate of yours. I wonder if your hiding this soon to be mate from us? Everyone agreed that we wouldn't hid our soon to be mates from one another since that might lead to something...bloody. And I know you wouldn't want you little cub?" the other teased that made Brandon glare at him but slowly snarl a bit back.

    "Don't call me...a cub. I'm not a child and you all know that. I warned everyone that I don't wish to be call something so childish.."

    "I'm just saying, Brandon. We have no idea who this mate is but from this new smell, she could be pretty cute." he laughed but Brandon calmed down before hearing the footsteps of someone in the house but he knew by the scent it's Melina. The other leaders smelled her sweet scent too before one goes to the door and opens it quickly to startle her. She was just walking past the room before it opened up showing him and the other leaders in the room with Brandon.

    "Well, well, well...seems we do have a new guest in our presence.." he purred looking Melina up and down but she glared at him while holding some water in her hand.

    "Who is that, Brandon? A friend of yours?" the female asked him.

    "She's a patient I'm taking care of for reasons." he replied to her but Melina shook her head turning to head off but the other stops in front of her while eyeing her with a smirk on his face. She sure was a pretty one. A very pretty human that seems to have a more familiar scent on her. Something playful but delicious.

    "So...what brings you to our little chit chat?"

    "Nothing for you to worry about, moron. Now, will you let me by? I'm not here to bother your so called meeting."

    "A sassy feisty mouth..I like." he teased but she now started to not like him as the others watches this but Brandon had to do something to move Melina way. Sure she could take care of herself but these leaders were people she couldn't mess with. Even with them doing something to her that might get her killed. He reaches over to touch her cheek but Melina slaps it away moving away.

    "Hands to yourself.." she hissed but he only laughed as the others were impressed.

    "Not bad, little bunny. I'm very seem like the type for a mate. I wonder if you have a mate..."

    "No, and I don't need one.."

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    Brandon didnt like the men treating her that way but hd his yemper and spoke calmly. "Leave her alone or you da woth me."

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He chuckled a bit hearing the words spoken from Brandon before looking at him as the others did the same. Knowing Brandon had some feud with other leaders that tried to speak smack against one another, he tries to stay within reason of being human. It was silly and pointless to fight like animals (Regarding their families being from clans) dealing with plans, businesses, and fights that can be resolved with no violence. The other that still looked at Melina slowly laughed again before facing Melina who looked more annoyed at him as the others now grew curious to who this female was.

    "I'm not doing anything, Lion Alpha. I'm just playing a bit with this..'pet'. She seems like a pretty toy for someone to keep. So delicate, sweet, tasty, mmmm even submissive. If you wish, I would love to invite you to some party we are having later tonight at my estate. I'm sure my other pets would love to see new faces to speak to." he offered a invitation to Melina to some party but she shook her head with a sigh, arms crossed her chest.

    "Don't call me a pet like you owe me pal. I'll show you that you nor another can't tame me for your desires like that....."

    "Oh oh ho, such a spirit. Very attractive....." he tease but she glared a bit.

    She wasn't showing a smile or a blush but Melina only tried to figure out what she should do with him or just punch him in the pace. "Well, enough about that. How about this; have this.." he shows a little something and gives her a little envelope.

    "What is this?"

    "A Invite silly girl.."

    "A invite? Like some weird ass party?" she asked seeing him nod.

    "Only the best in the city. I've been known for throwing the best ones for anyone for any reason."

    "Right and why are you telling me this?"

    "Because I'm hoping to see a beautiful kitten like you come and join the party. It'll be so much fun..."

    Why did males in these high class clans tend to be smart asses dealing with females or males for that point? She's seen a few females try doing the same to males. Thinking they should be treated as queens and kings every day of their lives and not as servants. Melina found that disturbing but wrong so with this sort of party, she was not implying on going anywhere to that. He took out a dark blue envelope that said with the words 'you're invited' on it with a smile seen on his face.

    The others and Brandon watches her reactions before Melina held the invitation and held up in her hands before looking at him. "So? what do you say? Wanna come?"

    "Rias, sit down and leave her alone. She's already said she's not interested in joining your party. We have more important things to speak about.."

    "Oh come on, Brandon. I know every female and what they like. So I know this cutie right here would love to party with us. so what do you say sweetheart? Wanna join my party for a wild night?" he sees Melina looking at him then right at the floor trying to think about it a few seconds to pick one before she looks up at him, showing a little smile on her face.

    "Hmmmm, I don't know. How's this for a answer?" she grips the invite and tears it in half right in front of him. The other males looked shocked as the other did, not seeing a female tear up a rare expensive invite like that. She kept tearing into it more and more before opening her hands with the small ripped bits falling to the ground on his new shoes. Melina only looked away from him before she glared back at him.

    "I see. So you don't wish to come to my party. I understand, milady but I was hoping you come. Or to any of ours since your a guest here at Brandon's estate. Are you sure you wouldn't love to come and join us? This party is big for this small city."

    ".I told you I'm not interested jackass......"

    "But why? I know someone with that fire like personality as yours will be the biggest start at the party. You will be loved by many and seen as fearful to them. I'm sure you will fit in just fine. Or-" Suddenly, he grabs her arm to pull her close against his body hearing a startled gasp from Melina as Brandon stood up rather angry to see him do that. He didn't want anyone touching her even if she's disagrees with how things are.

    "Let me go you jerk!"

    He only held her close against his strong body and took a smell of her hair. Even her scent was sweet but light. Not as heavy like women seen on the street trying to claim for money and lie about things. She was something else and it got him more curious to what she's like. Even the other males begin wondering the same while she squirms in his arms to only be kept still.

    "No need to fight me, my pet. I won't harm you....."

    "Let me go or else I'll make you let me go!"

    "But why? Your so's no wonder Brandon is worried of his so called patient. It's just your scent is very sweet and delicious. I could enjoy devouring you all night long. Me having you in my arms and you squirming for mercy under me. Mmmmm you look just so precious.."

    She couldn't believe she heard that from him but struggles a bit more to get away from him but yelps when he nuzzles against her neck as the others got closer ready to speak to her but Brandon has seen enough.

    Melina struggles to get away before letting out a yelp when he bit her neck with a sudden strike, feeling her wince a bit. He growls loving the taste of her skin with some blood hitting his tongue but before getting more, he felt someone grab his wrist to almost break it. He grunts in pain to let Melina go as she gets away from them covering her neck to see Brandon forcing the other on the ground by one knee. The others got scared seeing Brandon's red eyes glowing with murder intense but he restrained himself since Melina was here.


    Before Melina spoke, Brandon did something before she could. "Melina, would you be so kind to return to your room? I don't want you to be bothered by this. So please go right ahead and get some rest...."

    "Geez, Brandon. I wasn't trying to-nugh!!" He felt his arm starting to break from Brandon's grip while Melina got more nervous seeing this.

    "I asked of you to not bother her. She's been through a busy day today and I'm guessing she's tired...." he said but the other winces in pain from his powerful grip seeing the others quickly sitting down but Melina grew scared again to quickly leave to her own room. He saw her run off upstairs but he lets out a sigh, letting the other go rather harshly. He turns to head to his seat and sits down looking annoyed.

    "Come sit back down...we still have much more to speak about." he said but the other rubs his wrist and sits back down looking at the redness seen. Brandon however, looks at him before slowly sitting up. "Let me give a warning as well, no one is to bother my patient while she's living in my home. I want to make her feel right at home and not some target for hungry males like yourselves. I will give a warning for you all and anyone else that wishes to piss me off. Leave the lady alone..or else."

    "Again, I was just goofing can't take a joke?" he asked muttering under his breath but Brandon growls just like a lion would to make the rest tense up. Brandon was serious angry and saying something might not help calm him down. He means it when it came to something he's serious about. By now, it was keeping Melina calm and happy.

    "I'm not repeating myself...I hope I make myself clear.." he said this for the last time before they go back to the meeting. The whole event got Melina nervous about seeing something so scary before but she only shook it off looking at the ceiling of her room. She hugs a bear she got from her mother since her room was actually here. Her living room furniture, tv, bed, dresser, etc. It's all here and they even were serious they mean it. She didn't know what to do now but someone, that image of him looking ready to rip the other guys arm off made her become slightly scared of him again.

    She turns to the left away from the door to the window but sees the pills he gave her for her 'condition'. Melina never wanted this to be a problem since she's here, she could take them to see how they would work on her. However, she'll do it later because she needed to relax after her new work schedule and seeing a scary image of Brandon. She only shuts her eyes trying to ignore it but she always remembered her father that was gone after what happened when she was a child. Melina hopes he was okay where he was now but he wouldn't be in harms way ever again.

    "*Sighs* She relaxed on the bed before shutting her eyes to think a bit to herself for a couple hours. During that time, the meeting was done with the others leaving for their cars. Even the one he almost broke his wrist was walking to his car but had help with opening the door etc. As Brandon watches them leave, he wonders if Melina was angry with him about his guests hitting on her and touching her.

    Yes, this made him angry but he was happy to see Melina safe. Even if she never fully trusted him yet.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He continues to loom out for her showong how he felt

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    As the evening continues on with no problem, Brandon was seen in the main library reading a little with some red wine helping to calm his nerves. He slowly turns the page feeling the heat glowing against her but he only begins to think about something more. He slowly lets out a sigh before checking the time to see how late it was. He begins to close the book and set it down, drinking every drop of the wine in his glass.

    He slowly figures what to do now after turning and leaving the room to his own main bed chambers. Stepping through the hallway during this cool warm night. He saw the portraits of his family and some of himself alone, showing how much he's changed over the years he's been in this city. He only gotten more curious during the time but he begins thinking about other things.

    "Are you alright, lord alpha? You seem a bit down after today's meeting." One butler said to him but Brandon shook his head.

    "Nothing is wrong. I'm just lost in thought right now and things only seems to progress."

    "That's understandable sir but as you know, we are being sure your taken care of."

    "Speaking of taken care of, how is our guest? Is she alright after the slight problem from before?"

    "Yes. The maids checked on her after she returned to her room. Miss was slightly shaken up a little but she is alright after a while. That little anger result from you only startled her but she's alright."

    "Hmmmm, how bad was she startled or scared? I'm not sure if it's both or on the same level here."

    "It's sorta in between sir..." the butler said but Brandon got confused hearing that to ask,

    "You mean scared in some point or.."

    "Both sir. I mean after all, you are still the most feared in the city and towards the other leaders of the city. They know it's not wise to upset you but some tend to try and break that. I guess for the guest, she gotten a little scared because of it.." he said.

    "...................." Brandon felt a little bad hearing that for the answer. He never wanted to scare Melina but the others gotten him so angry that he snapped right there after one touched her so suddenly. He knew his scent still lingers on Melina and that upset him deeply. No other male was to touch his mate like that. Only he was allowed to do such a thing (when she accepted his love that is) but he still had a while to wait before that. He still had to completely earn her trust and hope for the best of helping her from this condition she has.

    "I see. I'll have to see if I can fix that sooner or later because I only wish to make her feel safe and not become too afraid of me. Oh well, I'll seek a solution towards that real soon."

    "If you wish sir."

    He was the mate for Melina but she didn't wish to bother with him after what she's been through. It could be just him but he only wishes for her happiness. Letting out a sigh, he arrives at the door of his room with two maids opening it for him to walk inside. He sees it clean and well with some other things regardless. One maid bows to him to show the bathroom that had hot water in the tub ready for him but he heads inside with the shut of the door. He started undressing himself and sets them in the dirty hamper beside the skin. He could see how tired he was but it will pass.

    Brandon steps into the bathwater and lets out a sigh, feeling the hot water touching his skin and soothing his muscles. However, that only made him more curious to what he shall do right now. Melina still won't trust him but she wonders how he can make things work. He only gotten more silent about things and that only thinks about something else.

    "I wish to make this work...but I don't know how. Being as delicate of yourself, that makes me wish to know more about you but you only seem to not want that. Could it be something I'm doing wrong? Or am I rethinking to my status?"

    He mutters slightly thinking about it but he slowly begins wondering what he can do to make her happy. Brandon sinks a bit more into the hot water seeing the steam floating upward to the top but his mind continues to linger with thoughts about what he needs to do later on. Maybe in the future he will find another way to earn her heart but for now, this was close enough.

    He just didn't wish to go down the same way his father went to getting or trying to catch females under his grip. Could that be how his mother got caught? No, she said she cared about him as a mate but the dark times have changed and twisted his mind a little. It wouldn't be as easy for him to forget but Brandon knew of his father's other ways. Only to leave him worried about his mother or becoming just like him.

    "..........." With his red eyes looking at the water, he decided not to over think this and move on with relaxing for the night. For tomorrow is another day and another choice to what he'll do.

    Meanwhile, Melina was not sleepy yet but she was thinking about what to do. She slowly lays on the bed looking upward at the ceiling, wondering how others were doing. Were they alright in the city? Were they safe? Of course they were but she only figures to do what she can. Maybe even help them to her ability but that's not the case. She lets out a sigh and hugs her teddy bear thinking about her clan and the others that were worried about her.

    She can only wish to do what she can to stay safe and happy. It's the best thinking she can do at this time and because of her condition. With a light yawn, she turns to the side to see outside but wonders what in the world she should do now. Wondering how in the world would it make it easier. She wished to not have this condition but she was born with it as others. She looks up at the ceiling thinking once more before she slowly yawns again to hug her bear even tighter.

    "What am I going to do? What will I do?....I guess I'll have to wait and find out.....For now though, I need some sleep." she mutters before trying to shut her eyes and get some sleep after the time being.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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