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    Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas


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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

    Post  Brandon Maboroshi2 on Sun Nov 19, 2017 4:29 pm

    He was still thinking

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

    Post  Silver_neko11 on Sun Nov 19, 2017 6:04 pm

    For one thing, Melina was someone that was...uncertain about things in her life. She's seen many terrible things from the past, knowing her pack was not around as much. However, he did wish to know more about her. Brandon just rests in the grand chair while sipping on his wine a maid has poured for him.

    Through the evening, his mind was always still set on Melina right now. She was delicate and sensitive but he can try to work over that by earning her trust but that's been going slow during the time she's lived here. While the night went along as normal, he only thinks about her and what he can do. How can Brandon help her with this and her 'condition'? How can he prove more to her to show he's alright to trust.

    Melina still didn't trust him, she still wasn't sure if he was true to his word, and so much more. All Brandon wished for was to show how badly he cared about her. How much he wished to make her his but that wasn't easy for him. Even during the time she's lived here, Brandon only got a cold shoulder and silence from Melina. His bunny only made this harder for him to wish to love and drown her in desire. But again, she wasn't fully okay with him yet.


    With the fire crackling and burning some wood with a light smell, his eyes watches the flames dance before he thinks of her again. Melina just looking innocent and maybe pure but he wouldn't know himself till later on. He could be guessing himself about it but he also could be unsure about it. She was a beautiful woman that was strong and caring but that depends if the right man came in her life to make her happy.

    He knew if he got her in the right position, he could express his love for her during the time when he was growing up. He never stopped not loving her but she grew scared of him over the years that ruined his chance. Maybe he's just not thinking about things clearly that might help change her mind. Or he's over thinking. Letting a sigh, he decided to move on and get some more thought into it before draining his glass and heads to bed.

    Tonight was dragging his thoughts right now and it's not helping him from most of the thoughts. He walks up the stairs to his main bedroom and heads in, taking a long hot shower and then gets dressed for bed after he was done. He now lays in his bed thinking of what to do for tomorrow but for now, sleep was needed for him. Later on, he was sleeping with Melina doing the same thing after a while.

    While he sleeps, his dreams linger to seeing her and him being happy together but for Melina she was only still dreaming of the fears she went through as a child. Even if he's not as his father, that only made it worse for her to not feel 100% okay with being as she was. The only reason she was here is because of doctor's orders. She really wasn't sure herself why but in another way, she could be wrong about it.

    The next morning, Melina was already awake while dressing herself and fixing her hair. after showering. She decided to head to work again but she didn't take her medicine as needed from before since it's a bit off or so. Brandon told her that the medicine was to keep her condition down from other Alphas like Brandon from picking her scent and tracking her down. That or some males wanting to ripping her part and end up killing her thanks to it.

    However, she's not worried about them because she can take care of herself thanks to the training she's been through during the years. She's not scared of them but is quiet annoyed if others tried hitting on her or something else. That makes her think they see her being a weak female when it's not true. Melina has been through worse in this city and this wasn't nothing new.

    When she was dressed, Melina heads out of the room and downstairs to see no one there but started heading to the front door. Maybe she can go ahead to try enjoying the morning with a cup of hot cocoa and maybe some cinnamon cupcakes she gets from the bakery when arriving to work. Right when she was about to open the door or touch the door knob to be honest,

    "Already awake and early I see? You sure don't oversleep do you and enjoy the mornings as some people do. Though, I could be wrong and your up for another reason?" An annoyed sigh left her lips hearing Brandon speak to her once more and in the morning. Doesn't this man over sleep or something without waking up in the morning. She didn't look at him but only had her arms crossed over her chest to think about something else. However, Brandon was waiting for some answer.


    "What's wrong? I hope I didn't piss you off again and I'm giving a simple good morning to you.."

    "You have said that and I'm not in a angry mood. Now if you don't mind, I'm heading off to work and I know you might need to do the same thing don't you?" she asked reaching for the keys but Brandon shook his head before watching her leave.

    "I understand but have you took your medicine this morning? You know you have to because of your condition right? I don't think you want to have horny males going after you because of your so called gift that acts up from the time. I've seen how wild some guys are in this city but you can't let it get too bad now can you?" he said to see Melina stop and look silent again.

    "What are you; my mother or something? I don't need you telling me about the medicine."

    "I know that but still, a reminding won't hurt you officer."

    She did hear some guys were like that but she usually beats them up if one ever tried it. Melina finds them as 'wild animals' that is in need of claiming any female that is ready to go. She hated it when guys did that but she always fights them off regardless of it.

    "I already know about them, thank you."

    "And you know of their behaviors changing from time to time. They won't always take the beating or whatever you do to them my dear. That just fires them up to having you even more." he said walking over to Melina but she didn't answer that while she turns around to say something but Brandon was in front of her to make her step back. He just looks at her before lifting his arm up with his hand in a fist.


    "Please listen to me my little bunny-"

    "I'm not your bunny, lion...." she interrupted him but he ignores it and kept speaking.

    "Oh come now. I'm not causing you any problem with a simple nick name am I?"

    "I don't care..don't call me 'your bunny.' she hissed at him but that didn't faze Brandon as much because of it. He just crosses his arm behind his back watching her look right at him because of it.

    "Does that anger you when I call you bunny?"

    "Yes, because you don't own me or has proven in a way that I am yours. Just because we are mates, don't mean I'm willing to open my heart to you yet...or ever."

    "Cold but understandable my dear....but still that's another reason to deal with for another time but do you know why I ask of that? To help you remind yourself of taking your medicine?"

    "No why?"

    "Because I know you can fight and I know you can keep males at bay but just remember. Some can get the best of you if your not careful. I don't wish to harm you nor see another hurt you which is why I created the medicine to help keep your Pureline PDI down. Now, if you don't want to do something you might regret," he opens his hand to show two pills of her medicine he got from her room.

    "I suggest you take them. To keep yourself safe and them away from you."

    "And if I don't?" she asked while glaring into his blood red eyes to make Brandon sigh.

    "Then I'll have to convince you to take them because I know males would love to rip you to pieces because of it. That has happened before and during the time we were children. I recommend you just take them and then I'll leave you be miss shimaki."

    Brandon looks at her eyes as she looks to the pills then at him. At least she was thinking about it for the time being and Melina didn't want another man groping or touching her before she kills them. After thinking about it, she just takes the medicine and swallows them after he shows some water in a glass as she drinks it down to help.

    The medicine was strong with her coughing but she took them as Brandon now not able to smell her strong scent that lingers from her. "There; are you happy now?"

    "That you took the medicine yes. I hope you enjoy your day, my dear. I will make sure the cook will have something tasty for you to eat after work."

    "Thanks...I guess." she said looking silent while Melina leaves and shuts the door behind her. Brandon stood in the main hall for a second and lets out a sigh as he turns away from the door and heads to the kitchen to see a giant breakfast for both him and her to share together. He was hoping to know more about her but it seems another day was missed.

    "Where is Miss Shimaki sir?" the cook asked but Brandon shook his head while sitting down at his chair and looks at his food.

    "She won't be joining us this morning. I'll just take the original.." he said while the cook looks worried as Brandon sees the food get taken away to be thrown or given to the others but the cook sets down a plate for Brandon to eat. He begins to eat while remaining silent but the cook knew that Brandon wanted to know the officer more but she wouldn't let herself open up to him.

    "I take it that she went to work but didn't wish to hear no more about other things?"

    "Yes but knowing her she's a very difficult woman.......fierce but difficult. She's just someone I really want to enjoy here but she won't let her walls down for me. Not yet at least..."

    "Don't worry sir, I'm sure she will open up to you. She just needs to see the sweet side of you and she will be happy...."

    "Maybe but that day might not come if she's like this....I only want to know more about her and yet she's like a book. The pages are easy to read but the real info is within her soul and mind. Melina's not easy to read like a book...she's a lot more tougher than I thought.."

    "Have you tried other ways to get to know her sir?"

    "Hmmmm......not at the moment but I wish I did..." he said while eating his food when the others were playing some music for Brandon to enjoy with his food. However, the cook could see that Brandon really wanted to know her; to open up but she was not making it easy for him. How can he make her see past the name of his clan and just for him? That would be easy but it's not.

    "If I may sir, why don't you and her have a quiet get together tonight? You and her sharing some drinks in front of the fire while talking to one another."

    "Like a one-on-one session together?" he said to see the cook nod.

    "You know how the officer is and because of her condition that can make her very grumpy because of it. Maybe something will help calm her down and relax. Maybe you can get even closer to knowing her without fighting and the yelling. It's worth a shot my lord.." he said pouring some apple juice for him as Brandon thinks about it. That might be a good idea and he could get to become closer with Melina after so long, maybe her letting him call her bunny. Eating a bit of food, Brandon smiled to look at the cook.

    "I'll give it a shot but remind me to give you a month vacation with triple pay."

    "Thank you sir."

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He smiles

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    Brandon decided to have a good morning after all and stood up after finishing his breakfast and goes to enjoy himself. The cook smiled in hopes to that but he will prepare something for him and Melina later on tonight after she gets off. Maybe they will open up to one another more but it might not work. No, he knew it would because they just had to open up to one another. As the other butlers came to clean the dining table from plates and the scraps, they went on to cleaning the house for today.

    Things like this take time but maybe if they stay together in a room to talk to one another on things. That might slowly go from speaking to a normal conversation with one another. The cook sees Brandon now in the other room listening to his music now but decided to have one of his best apple ciders out for him and the lady. He believes that this will work out for them because maybe she can be the one to help keep their master happy through the times of him being a Lion. Maybe even her looking past the whole thing of his family and what they did for years over the city.

    Melina was working at her job today with Mimi but she was snickering to see Tony telling her not to sleep on the job. Of course she couldn't help it but it was relaxing for her to just sit back and enjoy the sun from the window shining in the office. After speaking to her, he leaves to check on the other officers for today in the office but Melina and Mimi were speaking with one another again. They were finishing up on old reports that were filed and had to be sorted together or apart which was not too had for him to do.

    "I see that you are in a good mood today, Melina which is perfect for you. I guess everything is going alright with you? Even from before?" she asked to see Melina nod, writing some notes down from another case that was done.

    "In a way yes. I felt better after some sleep last night but eh, I've woken up a bit early to get ready to work but maybe it's just me being a silly someone huh?" she laughed while Mimi giggles again and nudges her shoulder as they worked together once more.

    "I'm glad to hear that Melina. I've been super worried about you since you had to ummm..'move' with the doctor that was helping you with your treatments. He's not being mean to you or anything is he?" she asked as Melina's smile left her lips for a second but she shook it off to relax and stay calm.

    "No, he's not been mean to me or anything. Just helping me with my situation going on during my life during the time and over each day. I mean, it don't bother me like it might for some others but it won't let me become too worried about it."

    "O-Oh, okay. I was just making sure since you are my best friend in the whole wide world and I don't want anything happening to you because of something going on."

    "Well, aren't you sweet? Thank you Mimi for looking out for me. I really have the best friend in the world." she chuckles to pat Mimi's head that she smiled with her cheeks flushed pink and feel happy to know that. However Melina was thinking about what she said about it. Leaving her thoughts back to the doctor once more.

    He wasn't doing anything to ruin her good morning, she just didn't like it when others had to remind her of things she knew about. Including the medicine she had to take to keep her pureline PDI under control. She always was told to stay calm and not to become tricked by males that were only seeking a one time with them. Her fingers just relaxed from the pen she held as Mimi was trying to get her attention.

    She noticed her looking unsure about things and when she stopped petting her head to try and get her attention.

    "Hey, you okay? Did I say something wrong? I was just curious and..ohh, I hope I didn't say something wrong to you Melina. If I did, I'm so sorry."

    "Hey, hey, hey. It's okay Mimi, you did nothing wrong nor say anything wrong to me. That just got me a little since he didn't do anything. He's just been giving me the medicine I need to take which is really strong but he said it would help keep my Pureline PDI down from the alphas that might try to claim me for their own."

    "That's good to hear. I've been so curious if that stuff works for you but I can tell is dose since your scent isn't as bad as it was way back in the day."

    "Guess that means this medicine is working right then. Good to know." Melina said to herself while looking at some papers on the desk but Mimi had another thought come up before checking on the papers as well.

    "That reminds me of something, Melina. I wanted to show you something that's been in the news for weeks now. I don't know if you knew about it or not." she said that confused her.

    "What do you mean? What's going on?" she asked as Mimi gets the remote for the TV hanging on the wall and turns it on to channel 2 that showed some headline going on right now.

    "Hi and thank you for turning into Hide channel news. There has been reports of Alpha males going haywire this morning because of the upcoming heat trend that is to help make them more eager to claiming mates. The doctors that has kept a few under eye care is told that nothing is told of the reason but they have sent warnings to everyone to be careful. Forty reports are spoken of males being kidnapped by females in heat. Same with males kidnapping females to claim them as mates. However, they disappear after the next day before police can find them." she said as the camera shows one of the males that was in cuffs as a female was taken to the hospital after he was being rough from the mating.

    "Wait, is she serious?"

    "Yeah but keep watching..." Mimi said worried.

    "For the last few days, reports show of males getting that sudden boost with being in heat as females but it's become to the point of being dangerous for everyone. We had to get police, doctors, and others in order to help us figure out the problem but no reports have been told about it. This might be because of the seasons but it's seems to be all the time with this sort of thing.."

    "So then....wait, is that...true?" Melina asked but Mimi shook her head while looking at the TV.

    "She's telling the truth. It's been like this for a while now and others are scared it might get out of control now.

    "Oh geez...."

    "I'm here with the police officer that helped with this situation. Officer Charles, can you tell us what we can do to be more careful about this increase of sudden heat? Is their a solution to fixing this or calming it down?" she asked to point the mic at him.

    "I don't know what is causing this to happen but we been told it might be due to other Omegas that's not taking their suppressants and other medicine that keeps the strong smell of mating down in the air. We are thinking of some solution as we speak but it's a work in progress. To everyone in the city, I'm asking you to stay safe, keep taking your needing things to help us keep things stable. We don't need to have something that might cause a death in the city at this time." He said turning to leave but the news person looks at the camera.

    "We hope that will help and remember, stay safe everyone. Back to you John."

    Mimi turns the TV off and sees Melina looking confused and a bit shocked. Was this effecting everyone in the city? It was strange and odd because many would take something to keep their scent down from ravaging males and females in heat. She wonders if someone is making a drug that's increasing their senses to smell the nearest person that wishes to mate? No, that's against the law now because it caused many to become sick or worse.

    "You said how long this has been going on, Mimi?" she asked Mimi but she thinks a little before thinking a little more.

    "It's been like that for a few days now. The cases we get were on that. That got Tony worried about you coming to work and because of your condition, that might become dangerous that someone might hurt you."

    "Oh come on, no one is that stupid to try and hurt me. I won't let them hurt me or even touch me Mimi. You know that." she said showing a smile but that didn't help her relax because Mimi knew that others will try at anything to have that one thing they crave when in heat. Seeing how worried Mimi was, Melina gently gives her a hug while patting her back to assure her she will be okay because she knew better from that.

    "I will be okay Mimi, I give you my word okay?"

    "Okay.....I trust you." she said hugging Melina more but she smiled to hear that before they let go and look at one another.

    "Now, lets get back to work okay? I know Tony might be asking if we did anything and work still comes in as usual for us." she said as Mimi nods and gets right back to work as the others at the police station office. Melina was happy to see that she was alright now but after seeing the news, maybe she will have to keep taking that medicine more and more so nothing too serious happens.

    'Because I know you can fight and I know you can keep males at bay but just remember. Some can get the best of you if your not careful. I don't wish to harm you nor see another hurt you which is why I created the medicine to help keep your Pureline PDI down.'

    "........." 'I guess he was right but....why did it sound like he was suffering from something like that himself? No matter, I guess I better start listening to him more regarding the medicine then...I do not need another fight going down because of it. She thought about this herself but keeps working on the things but others in the office that had this problem took their medicines and suppressants today with no problem but had to be careful of others that didn't take medicine or suppressants.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    bic:As she already had arrived to work, Melina was now heading home after a work day seeing everyone doing the same. She knew that many in the city was a little scared from the news that was spoken of this afternoon and now people were heading home early so they wouldn't get in the whole mess involving that. As Melina drives down the street and stops at the red light, her eyes sees others walking and waiting for the light to change.

    The police and some other safety watches were standing in the streets to make sure no one would get hurt from the heat warning spreading around. He only wishes to help out when needed to but that also makes her wonder how far they will go in order to help out with people that's afraid with this and others making sure things don't go over board. It's silly though to worry about the rising heats but Melina only ignores it.

    She was told because of the whole thing going on in the city, it would be put under a lockdown as well just in case someone was losing their mind to the smells spreading in the air. A few have been killed already because of the heat issues so it's not safe for some that can't defend themselves. Melina understood it but she figures if many had to, this might become a problem.

    However, even in her car, she could smell it. The heavy scent that rides the wind and blowing through out the city. People were scared and the clans were growing rather hungry cause of the smell. Did that mean Brandon might, he seems to be the one that wouldn't let things like this effect him so it shouldn't be as bad at the moment.

    Lion alphas tend to become more stable during their heats but when it's super bad, that could be a lie. Not all the lions can withstand the whole feeling of heat and tend to hurt others that dose something as a threat. Melina knew Brandon was as he said gentle but she ignores it either way. When the light changes to green, she drives down the road away from the city as Mimi was already at home since she wanted to go with her for extra protection but she was told she would be okay.

    "Melina. Are you absolutely positively sure you will be okay getting home? I can follow you from my own car just in case." she said while looking at Melina while they walk down the hallway of the police building to the outside to see it was already sun setting now before the rest were heading home themselves.

    "*Sighs* Mimi-"

    "I'm sorry Melli. It's just...I'm worried from what we seen on the news. Second, your my best friend and I don't want anything or anyone hurting you. People in this city are nice true but not everyone is like that. They try to do whatever they desire to break someone's mind to stoop down to their nasty level. That will make me be ready to fight if needed to." she was so protective of Melli but they were friends in school so why not?

    "Mimi, listen to me. You know I can take care of myself with no help from anything. Yes, I know about the whole thing going on but that won't stop me from wondering about it myself. How in the world will this stupid little mess up mess with me. I'll be just fine with no problem.."

    "Well, if that's the case then home come I'm still worried about you. You say you can do this but knowing males in heat, that might change and not help you..."


    She and Mimi have been through so much while growing up, including her stories of speaking about the brown lion clan when Brandon's father was still ruling it and as Brandon was in a private school at the time. Melina loved that about her because she knew that she had a best friend to help her and stay by her side no matter what.

    "I know you are brave and strong Melli but I don't want anything or anything hurting my best friend. I will do what I have to in order to keep you safe..."

    ".......*Sighs* Oh mimi..."

    Seeing how worried Mimi was, she gives a gentle smile on her face and looks to Mimi that was confused.

    "You need to go home alright silly cat. I'll text you when I get to the house and show you I'm alright. Will that make you be less worried about this?"

    "I..I guess so. Will you really text me as soon as you get inside the house where you are now? Will that lion even let you use your phone?"

    "Yes. Now, get on home Mimi. I'll be sure to text you.."She sees her nod and heads to the car to get inside and drive on home.

    Melina was driving down the road now through some tall trees now, thinking of how worried Mimi was but she didn't blame her. As her best friend, she was just looking out for her and her well being. Even with her Pureline PDI condition, that could become a problem because of things. True, things in the city was bad right now but she wasn't sure if the smell of the city reached to the doctor's place. Her indigo eyes looked ahead before seeing the over head building where the doctor lives while pulling up in to the main gates to see them open up for her.

    She drives on through and goes ahead to park to see that one butler was waiting for her while she stops and parks near some bushes beside the pond. Melina steps out of the car with a tired sigh and shuts the door and locks it. The butler watched as she walked over to him before seeing him show a smile on his face.

    "Welcome home, miss Melina. I take it your day was a good one?"

    "Yes, it was fine. Thank you for asking......" she said while heading up the stairs to the main doors of the mansion as they opened up thanks to some other maids that welcomed her home. Melina still was not used to that yet but since she lives here, she will have to be used to it. While checking on some other things, she takes out her phone and texted Mimi to tell her she made it home.

    Mimi replies: Well? Did you get home yet, Melli? I've been wondering if you got this or not.

    Melli's replies: Right...but yes I got home safe and on time before the curfew...

    Mimi replies: Oh thank goodness you made it home! I'm glad! :3 I was going to call you while I drove home but that's way too dangerous and I know better.

    "Melli replies: I was just going to tell you no way but good to know...

    Mimi replies: True..

    Melli replies: I told you I would silly. Now, will you stop panicking about this and just rest up?

    Mimi replies: I'm sorry. It's just I was worried after I got home and been waiting for the message on you getting back.

    Melli replies: yeah, I figured. Listen Mimi, why don't you take some medicine and get some rest. You seriously need it after today. I'll be sure to call you tomorrow since we are off I think.

    Mimi replies: We are. Tony said he's giving the officers some days off but others that are needed to work will go in. He thinks after what is going on, you might need it.

    Melli replies: Noted. Either way, I'm going to rest up and try to enjoy my days off. I'll see you again soon Mimi and remember; rest up or I'll make you.

    Mimi replies: Ugh. Fine, mom. Lol. Have a good evening Melli...

    Melli replies: Heh, same to you too Mimi. Later...

    She ends the text conversation and started heading up to her room to take a good hot shower and maybe get ready for bed later. Seems she didn't hear or see the doctor around here but he could still be busy working on something to pay her no mind. Or did he find out about today's news? That could be the possible chance but he might not really care about it. When arriving to her room, she heads inside and lets out a tired sigh, going to the bathroom and decided to take a long hot bath to let her muscles soak.

    The door shuts behind her while she did that.

    Meanwhile/in main room

    Brandon was checking on some notes he gotten from something he found out. Turns out Brandon did find out about the issue in the city and now he's curious if other males have been picking up Melina's scent. Even with the medicine he gave her helps, sometimes it wouldn't be enough because of the strong wave levels that roam the city. However, this made him angry because someone could get the chance to smell her scent and taking her away from him.

    He knew he would be the only one that is to claim his bunny. No other male is worth her time but him. Slowly, his hand grips on a pen he had on the table before remember what the chef said. Maybe in order to know more about her, maybe he and her can have a sit down, one-on-one with each other in front of the fire. It might help Brandon to know more about her. However, will she even want to? Knowing Brandon wanted to have her as a mate, he's not sure how to invite her to it.

    Melina might reject it or just ignore it. However, the chef said it wouldn't hurt to try. With a sigh, Brandon takes some note paper from the side of his desk and writes something down on it. When finished, he pushes a button to show a butler walk in hearing the call.

    "Yes, Mister Brandon?"

    "I would like for you to deliver this invite to my guest. It seems I should make her feel more at home. Be sure she gets it." He held up the note to the butler that took it and he gives a smile to him.

    "As you wish sir.." with a turn, he leaves the room as Brandon was alone thinking if this was a waste of time or not. However, while thinking of her his hand started to shake and quiver as his desires for her starting acting up. He grips his hand that shook to press it down against the table. He wouldn't let his lustful cravings ruining this. It could be the one chance to let him get to know her. If she even accepts the invite.

    The chef was already getting the best tea ready for them if it went through and the fire being stroked for them too. He knew it will work if the master just gives it a try.  Then she will know how deeply he wishes to know more about her and maybe show his love towards her. However, he was worried about him. He and the others in the house hold knew about Brandon's heat and it seems to be more stronger now. He knew he can keep his composure for a few more weeks before breaking his sanity.

    He wouldn't let it happen but Brandon has shown some weaknesses to them, knowing he's struggling a little now. Brandon knew that his father's words were correct during the time he was feeling his very first heat as a teenager and yet it only burns a little bit worse than years ago. He found it rather annoying than much but his father only explained it to him as best to his ability.

    'You know what the issue is son. You need your mate and yet that low down rat ran away with the one you need. I'm so sorry for such a thing but maybe we can find some replacement?'

    "What's the point father? Even if I find something to ease this heat down, It won't work. Mother said the mate that I'm with can only cool this heat down. No one else..."he said while sitting in the chair but clawing at it because he was burning up so much to see his father walking over and touch his shoulder.

    'You must bear with it, son. Until we can find that girl you been destined to be with...I'm sure you will feel ten times better than before when she's in your arms. I just hope you give her everything she desires....I know you will..'


    His father had told him that and it's true that he found her but Melina wants nothing to do with him. Right now, he had to show he cared and liked her slowly but he wasn't sure for how long he can keep this up. Knowing she could hate him even more if things don't go as needed. He just had to work with it a while longer until he came up with a plan to fix this.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He keeps working in it trying to improve.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    'Seems father wasn't lying about this heat issue I'm dealing with. As time passes along, It's getting worse by the day but I guess the news were right about that smell I caught this afternoon. How in the world can idiots be like that? Knowing the dire consequences of releasing so much of that smell...that aroma that lingers against someone's nose before losing themselves fully from it. *Sighs* I need to find a better way to make the medicine stronger so she won't become effected by it.'

    He knew the animal craving of claiming the bunny that was his mate, power hungry and lustful. Brandon knew this was something his clan gets like others but that just told him he had to keep in control. He knew one day, Melina will fall deeply in love with him but right now, she still was avoiding him that made him think about it. His hand was twitching again with his sharp nails showed again to make him shut his eyes.

    'I will resist. I don't want to hurt her....I wish to mark her as mine yes...but not like this. This heat will only become worse for me and her if I don't figure something out to ease down the heat...anything...just to stop myself from craving the desired passion of my bunny mate....'

    After some time, the shaking finally stops from his hand before Brandon started thinking of something else now. What else could be wrong with this picture. Was she already infected by the smell that her body was slowly progressing the effects to her mind? Or was she really that strong in fighting it? Brandon won't ask about it right now because he was waiting for a update on the one-on-one tea sitting with her and him. He will figure this out later on or another day.

    "I'm in control...I'll always be in control...' he reminds himself before drinking some stronger medicine to help with his own burning heat that started to linger away from his mind. Sure the urge was gone but the burning heat remains because he didn't want anyone to see him being weak like this because of some heat going on. For the moment, he just did his best to keep himself calm and focused on the goal he wanted:

    To have Melina trust him and hope to earn her love.

    Melina was just done with her bath while all dressed for bed. A book was in front of her as she writes down some notes about the cases Tony gave her today to work on. She's already cracked two of them and still had a few more to go. Before she crosses out another possible subject, a knock was heard at her door to make her look up.

    "???????" She checked the time to see it's not that late yet but it could be one of the female maids doing a quick rain check to make sure she was alright. However, it could be someone else at the moment too. Another knock was heard at the door to make her lower the book down and look ahead.

    "Who is it?"

    "Just one of the butlers, Milady. I have a message to give you."

    A message? Who in the world was giving her a message? Melina stood up from the chair and heads to the bedroom door. She opens it to see it was the butler that greeted her when getting home. She blinks not sure about this but sees him holding out a little note that Brandon wrote to her.

    "Good evening my lady. I hope I wasn't bothering you with something important."

    'No, you weren't bothering me. Just getting some other things done before I get some sleep. Was their something you wanted to give me of a message?" she asked to see him nod yes and holds out a small folded paper that had her name on it.

    "What is this?"

    "A note, milady. From lord Maboroshi. I guess since he's still in the main room, he figures he would give you this message from him regarding something." he said but she blinks to look at it before releasing a sigh that escaped her lips.

    What did he wish of her now? Did Melina did something to make him write a note like this instead of coming to her. She wasn't sure if she should read this so called note but she might not hear the end of it. Turning the paper, she unfolds it and looks at some letter that was addressed to her.

    It reads:

    Dear Melina,

    I hope you take the time to read this letter that I wrote because I didn't wish to bother you at the moment after today's hard work. This is just a small note or letter to you and I hope you read through it. Now, the reason I write this to you is because I'm inviting you for some tea tonight. I understand you are tired from work and wish to rest but many if it's possible, we can have a one-on-one tea sitting in the library. Tea dose wonders to ones body and the tea I've selected will help you clear your mind and fix you up. You'll be sleeping for a good while relaxed.

    If you wish to come and join me, please follow the butler that sent this letter to you. He will guide you to where I will be waiting for you if you decide to join me. If not, I hope you enjoy your evening and rest Milady. I really wish we can know each other after our lives took some...unknown turns. You being a officer crime working and me working/running my family business. Pardon me, I'm slipping past topic. I'll be waiting if you come or not milady. Enjoy your evening,


    Brandon Maboroshi

    "......" She looks over the letter a second or couple times to make sure she heard and read right. Did he really wish to know more about her? Even sitting down for some tea? Well, Melina did love tea just like her father did and yet it left her curious as to why he wanted to do this for a real reason? She looks up from the note to see the butler waiting for some answer if she wishes to join him or not.

    ".......*Sighs* he said this was at the library?" she asked the butler just to be sure it was right. Of course he nods his head showing a smile.

    "The master really wishes to know more about you, milady. Who knows, you both may know about each other as well. That is if you wish to meet up with him.."

    Melina started thinking about this while seeing the lights now turn on in the hallway that told her night has finally came. Others started to make dinner if possible and he remained where he was since he's doing what Brandon's asked him to do. She didn't know what to say but maybe she should.


    "Has milady made her choice?"

    "Lead me to him please...might as well."

    "Perfect choice my lady." He gives a bow to her before turning away and leading her to the library. Brandon was waiting for them now but she wonders if he really did wish to sit down for tea. She will know when getting there. In the library, Brandon wait already sitting in the chair with a table near by. A fire was seen in the fireplace with it's glow of light showing the room.

    A tray with two plates of food rest on it and two cups for tea was seen and a kettle nice and hot in waiting. He was thinking a bit to himself, wondering if Melina wasn't really going to go with having a sit down with him. After much to knowing of his family, she still might not wish to know more about him and wants to leave. However, he didn't want another hurting her which explains that Brandon wanted to work with her on this.

    Suddenly, a knock was heard to make him look at it.

    "What is it?" he asked while watching the fire in the fire place.

    "Sorry sir but I'm here and it seems you have a guest.." he said to make Brandon look quickly to the door. Wait, a guest? Then did that mean...He watches the door open to indeed show the butler but behind him was Melina that looks around the library with millions and millions of books in each shelf. She found it rather impressive he could have this sort of collection.

    "Milady Shimaki wishes to join you on your one-on-one sitting sire. Shall I go ahead and pour the tea for you and her?" he asked while shutting the door as he then leads Melina to the other chair that was for her.

    "Ahem, please........" he said while Melina walks over and takes a seat in the chair while looking at the fire then at her lap since she's not sure how to say anything towards this one on one meet up.

    "My lady..I hope you enjoy your time here and the tea."

    "Thank you..." she said to the butler while he started pouring the tea in his cup and then some in her cup too. They didn't say a thing while Brandon and Melina remained looking at the fire before the butler finishes with the pouring and looks to them.

    "I shall leave to your one-on-one event sire. Please call if you need anything."

    "Thank you Mario.." Brandon said as he bows to them and turns to head out of the library so leave Brandon and Melina alone. The clock still went off on the wall above the fire place but she reaches over to pick up her tea and give it a slow sip. The flavors sure was lovely and warm too that it was clearing her mind while it moves on.

    Brandon smiled thinking she was adorable but he didn't want to say something wrong to upset her or worse; wishing to leave him alone thanks to her. With a quiet cough, he picks up the tea cup and takes a sip as well while Melina just held her tea cup now.

    "You know, I'm glad that you are able to join me tonight Melina.."

    "Yeah, I guess. I didn't know if this was some plan for you to trick me into something....boy was I off." she mutters while looking at her lap but she didn't want to be rude to him in anyway.

    "No no, it's alright. You were just being sure it was safe since you did tell me your still trying to work around trusting me and stuff. I fully understand right now and it's fine. Many still don't trust my clan to be honest but I just move on from that."

    "Hmmm, I see. However, I'm shocked you put this together for me and you....any reason why?" she asked looking at the cup filled with some of the tea.

    "No reason, my dear. I only wished to speak with you, one on one together...maybe even get to know you a little better now." he said looking at his own cup but could smell the sweetness of the brew while the fire kept them both warm. So he wanted to have a little chat with her? It wouldn't hurt if that's the case but she still was not sure about it.

    "That's all? A simple get to know one another type of thing?"

    "But of course....."

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    What did you expect?" He asks smil8ng at her.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    "Hmmm, I don't know. Maybe you trying some sneaky ordeal with me or having me lower my guard around you so you can hurt me for your own twisted pleasure?" she said to him with her eyes just glaring at him. Seems her words even hurt this lion's heart a bit and yet, he didn't blame her. Brandon wished that this idea went smoothly for the both of them because he seriously did wish to know more about Melina and hope for a closer bound with one another.

    "Hey, that's harsh my dear. I'm just wishing to make some conversation together to enjoy this night with hot cups of tea. Maybe for you, it can sooth that soul of yours into trusting the area around you. No one would do anything to you because of that and I only wish for you to be happy here." he said to look at his tea cup but Melli blinks not sure how to respond to that. Knowing him to be a lion still makes her nervous but she didn't know what to say about it.

    "Yeah, I've been told that for the time being from you. I still don't really give my full trust to you Lion."

    "As you have told me but I really wish to show you that you can trust me. I won't do anything to you that might seem vicious my dear. However, that only makes me more concerned about it. Plus, you can call me by my name Brandon instead of Lion."

    "Yeah...No. I'm not calling you that anytime soon black cat."

    Brandon only takes a sip of his tea before trying to think of some way to get this conversation going. The old clock ticking on the left near the fire place that burns under the firewood.

    "How about we turn this talk to something else. Something more open and positive for the both of us to enjoy, hmm?" he suggested that caused Melli to raise one eye brow while she held her cup.

    "Oh, like what?"

    "Well, how was your day? I figure it's going well for you after work?"

    " was...fine. With a few things non the less, I'd say it was alright. What about yours? Did you do anything serious with your so called clients?" she asked while taking a sip of her cup of the tea. To be honest, it tasted warm and sweet. Really satisfying. Whoever made this tea, she might get more of it to keep in her room.

    "Oh, you know the usual things my dear. Working and helping my servants that need it. Same with punishing the rude ones that don't know any better. I only want to do my family's work for good and not anything bad. That should prove that I'm good to trust right?" he looks up from the cup right at Melli but she didn't say anything while holding her tea cup. They went right back into silence again with the night moving along again. This whole thing wasn't going as planned and he's worried he may have pissed her off. Before he gets the chance to speak, Melli beats him to it.

    "By that you mean killing another person for your family business or your own time while they die on the bed? Gee, that seems like something you would do."

    "No no. That's unless that's someone of an enemy my dear. I did stated before that I help others that needs it. I don't follow my father's view of taking care of the business before I took over. From here on out, I just want to keep everyone happy and maybe some excitement to show everything will be okay."

    "Ugh, fine if you say so..." she mutters not looking at him while taking a sip from her cup of tea to savor the feeling of sweetness again. To be honest, this tea was delicious right now and it just made her wonder what the recipe was for this. However, it left the question to what was going on and why he did this? Wasn't this man trying to trick her or was he seriously trying to make things better. They were not close yes but that didn't stop Brandon from trying to make it work.

    So asking wouldn't hurt.



    "I need to ask you something. Why did you set this up between us? I get I still don't feel calm or alright being near you and're going through all this just to make amends. What's your deal here?"

    "What do you mean, Melli?"

    "You get what I mean, Lion. What's the idea for this? Why are you trying to prove here?"

    "No deal, dear. I only wish to gain your trust by showing you kindness. You heard from me before that I wouldn't do anything to harm you and I wish to make this work between us. As your doctor and someone you can really trust. I don't want anyone hurting you nor taking advantage of you since you already said you can take care of yourself but males can become violent." he said this to make Melli sigh. She still knew that whole thing but it left her more annoyed because of it.

    "I told you before didn't I? I can take care of myself Lion. I don't need help with others taking care of me. I'm fine..."

    "I know about what is happening in the city right now. Something of the whole mating smells floating in the air? As of right now, males and females that can't control themselves are trying to find targets to release their urges upon. I know you don't want that and for others to get hurt from that do you?" he asked to see Melli looking serious to him not sure how in the world he found this out.


    "I saw the news myself and got word from my spy eye that looks out for trouble in the city. Everyone is in a state of worry and panic right now and isn't sure how long this will effect some. I'm only making sure you are going to do well.." he stated but Melli only looks down at the tea cup to set it down feeling rather annoyed more from his words.

    "So what are you saying? Are you saying females and others like me can't withstand the whole heat situation? You think just because of my Pureline PDI, I will become the most easiest target in the city. You think that I will lose myself that I'll get killed to monsters that roam in the city?" she said.

    "That's not what I-"

    "Listen you, I can take care of myself. I don't need some man to protect me so what will it take to get it through your head that I. Don't. Need. Help!"

    "Because I'm trying to help you be safe from anyone taking you away from me. Life in the arms of others that's trying to take you away only wish to harm you. I just hope it's nothing else because of it. You can trust me that only wish to help you.."

    She and him looked silent from one another, hearing the fire crackling in the fireplace but their teas still remained where they were. Melli just remained silent as he did but they heard the clock ticking on the left. When Brandon sees her now angry at this whole thing, a troubled sigh left his lips because she was giving him a headache and maybe showing she's just being difficult.

    "Listen, I don't know what to say to you my dear but hear me out. I wish to help you to my best advantage but you getting angry at me. I'm helping you my dear but with this whole rivalry between my family and yours won't help us."

    "And you think because of that, I'll even listen to you?"

    "I think you will," he stood up from his seat while looking to her but Melli wasn't sure what he was doing before seconds later he stood with his arms behind his back. "Knowing the dangers of this city isn't something you fully understand do you miss? I only wish to help you so that no one will harm you. Is that bad?"

    "Ugh, didn't I tell you I don't need someone to keep me safe?! Forget this, I'm going to-"

    He suddenly grabs her wrist to stop her in her tracks, tightening his grip around it while she winces a little. "You will..hear me out." he warns while Melli gasped from the power of his hold.

    "Let me go.."

    "Not till you listen to me. I know due to your fear of my blood line caused you to hate or fear me. That's in the past my dear and right now, we are here. Older and wiser where we can work something out but no, you're being stubborn. I don't want to do something I may regret and end up losing the some trust I've gained. You shouldn't act all on your high horse just because of that."


    "As the one that wanted to help, you just push me away, ignoring the warnings I give you about things in this city. You think just because your tough and rough will scare others? Well, let me tell you that won't work. This city won't give a damn about you but I'm trying to show I do. I care about you bunny...I just wish you would see that."

    "What will that even..."

    "Think for a second, do you think just because you act tough you will be alright? Things can change because of your actions Melli and I don't want to cause something to make you lose sight of it. I've been trying to gain your trust to help you. To show that you can trust me......Just please hear me out and understand. I care about you..I want to help you...I....I just want things to go clearly with you."


    The clock was ticking still in their silence but that only left them silent with one another not sure how to respond to this. They stood there in silence together with him holding her wrist and her remaining where she was.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He stays silent waitong for her to sau something.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    To be honest, Melli didn't know what or how to respond to that sort of response. Her wrist and hand was still trying to get away from his grip of hold but he was dangerously strong. True to the history of their families, things haven't gone according to plan. That leaded to many people getting lost, banished, hurt, or killed. And here Brandon was trying to keep her safe for his own reasons.


    "I'm still waiting for my answer, Melli. Or are you going to ignore me like before not wanting to say a damn thing about what you fear of. Do you hate me that much to ignore my words of choice towards you thanks to it? I'm trying to fix this problem for you so nothing else happens. You don't have to be afraid of me, Melina. I only wish to help you."



    "What the fuck do you want me to say then?! I don't know what you want from me! With all the shit that's been going on in my life with my family, we Omegas suffer under you Alphas. I get it, we are nothing. I know I'm nothing because of my sickness that seems to make others attracted to me. You never had to worry about it because you were already dangerous and powerful. No one could touch you."


    "Shut up, Lion. I'm not done."


    "Do you have..any idea how hard it was for my family? How hard it was for others that live in that damn city? You wouldn't because your family and other Alphas didn't have to worry about not getting shot, kidnapped, betrayed, hurt, or any of the above I can't think of because of your status. My family like others did what we could to survive. *looks away* My father told me that he had to make a deal with your father of making me your ideal mate. It's just insane to see a lion being a mate to a bunny and you think it's nothing bad."

    "I went through a lot of shit Lion, I've seen horrible things when growing up because my family had to leave or move on to another city for protection. Why? Because your father was tracking us down to bring us back and sadly he did."

    "Strange; my father never told me he brought you back after that time of your childhood. He told me you were gone after so long when we only met once.." he said to see Melli looking away to grab her tea cup and drink some of the tea inside. Even that didn't calm her down from feeling angry with the lion alpha family.

    "That's because he didn't. He kept it from you for all the bull crap he told you. Ever since, I just didn't want to trust no one. I lost my father while he was being traded off to another city. My mother still lives in the city but she's been upset about things and worried for me. While you been living the fancy live like other alphas, I had to work from the ground up to get where I am. I had to toughen myself up to get away from others that wish to harm me. You don't know how painful it work from that because your family is rich, Lion. You don't have to do much of anything because your comes in easy. Mine? I have to work for it." she said looking away again but her eyes just looks through the mirror to see the front of the mansion.

    During the time she spoke, Brandon only listened to her but he even wonders if her life was that seriously bad. He wouldn't want to upset her again because of that. He did reach to get his tea cup to drink some again but he winces when feeling his own desires of heat coming again. He shook from his seat trying to calm down that his claws started to come out wanting to think of pleasure with his mate.

    'No, no no! Stay in control's not time. Not now.'

    He said this in his mind before the urge went away as Melli kept speaking. "I just can't okay? I can't easily trust you, even if you say of others that's powerful than me waiting to hurt me or ambush me what other choice to I have. I won't let some idiot ruin my life as your family did but yours left a very deep scar in my's like you guys have no heart at all."

    "We do have heart, Melli. You just haven't found the right ones that show their hearts. Other Alphas tend to abuse their power but it won't stop them from trying to-"

    "Oh please! You don't know anything about that! All I've seen you become is someone I can't trust. Just because your being nice, I'm not letting my guard down around you. I won't and will not let you do what you think is better. I will think of that myself."

    "Even if what your thinking is wrong? Melli, we are all not like that-"

    "You're lying! Stop lying to me and just point it out! Just admit you Alphas are nothing but trouble! You only care for yourselves! You only wish to bring fear into others hearts! You only think of making people your lap dogs!"

    "I don't know what your saying here! Just because you seen or heard of Alphas become like that. Not everyone is like that! I've tried to help you and I still want to but you have to open your heart and let me me or else you'll be cold like them!"

    "Me!? ME!?! You're family has caused mayhem all over to where your family owns everything under the black lion name. You're nothing but criminals, thieves, monsters, and soulless monsters! People that only wish to claim and gain!"

    "Now you listen to me-" he said but she shoves him back to point at him. "NO! You listen to me, Lion. I know how cruel you all are. I bet you lied to me about how sweet some of your family is. What about your mother?! Was she just as heartless as your father and you!"

    He felt some twitch in his left eye now getting angry from when she spoke ill of his mother. "You take that back....she is a pure hearted woman and isn't like my father."

    "Stop lying to me Lion. I don't believe you and I think she is just as worse. Why are you filling your heads with lies about something you don't know of? Did she even do anything as a mother to show you that things in this life are never easy!? That you should treat others with kindness!?"

    "That's enough Melli..."

    "NO! I'm not going to stop speaking about this till you tell me the truth of your horrible excuse of a mother!"

    "That's enough I said!" he started getting more angry with her now.

    "Then tell me the truth, you monster! What your mother a monster like you too!? Was she without a soul and heart that others felt weak under her power!? She might be from what I'm told because she's nothing but a vile..."



    "Stop it..."


    "Stop...Stop..stop stop stop stop.."

    "Hideous black heart woman who-"


    A sudden shout of pure rage rang in the room that most of the window shatter and cracked, the pitcher broke as Melli looked shocked from the outburst of his yell. She didn't say anything from that moment but couldn't when Brandon grabs her shirt to slam her against the wall near the fireplace that pure anger showed in his red eyes.

    "My mother.....isn't like my father. She's the only one that took care of me and loved me. She's lived the same life you have due to her being an Omega like you and do her part to show me differently than my father sees things. She had to work herself up before my father even noticed her and had me. You have no damn speak so ill of her you bitch. And right now, your lucky I can't kill you for insulting her."

    "*about to speak*"

    "SHUT UP! DON'T FUCkING SPEAK!" he yells to make her wince from the shout as Brandon was so close to clawing her throat from her insults to her mother. He never like it. He hated it that others don't get the full story towards her and jump to conclusions.

    "I know my family did horrible things. I know everyone is afraid of them and you don't think this effects me! You think I'm not feeling terrible about what we done to people. I DO! It hurts everyday to know that my blood line and others of Alphas has caused so much pain to other people that we are seen as terrible. Don't you think it's bad enough that only wished to help you so no one would harm you!? Your my mate Melina. I'm only trying to help you and yet you are bad mouthing me and my mother!?"


    "You have no idea.*Begins chocking her* bad it hurts me to see you won't trust me but I guess you think of me as some monster ready to eat you. Your just like the rest it seems. An over high horsed female that is nothing but a whinny bitch who doesn't know much about anything in life. Your already went too far and I......*Sighs* I don't know if I should kill you or hurt you."

    She struggles in his grip to try to make him drop her but feels his claws cutting into her neck as blood was drawn from them. This left her feeling afraid and scared to what he was doing but Brandon only gets more angry almost wishing to murder her because she seems to be someone that was 'them'. He never wanted to feel that again but it only made him more angry to growling.

    ".......*Chocking now while shutting her eyes*............"

    "I could kill you..I could hurt you and make you never say such things again. I just don't get you and why your so fucking mean like this when all I want is to help you!"

    "*Chocking*" she couldn't breath at the intense grip of his hands but tears started showing near her cheeks while Brandon was holding her up but hearing the gasps of air leaving her throat.

    "Why are you so mean to me? Why won't you let me help you? Why are you such a stubborn woman that won't accept kindness! What sort of monster are you!?"

    A servant went to check on them but stops seeing Brandon chocking Melli against the wall from how angry he was. She must have said something by mistake to anger him. Before he rushes over to stop him, he sees Brandon shove her down to hear a gasp from Melina as she was getting air back and coughs.

    "*Coughing while rubbing her throat*"

    "..............." With a sigh, he slowly turns around away from her and walks out from the room before stopping near the servant.

    "Master Brandon-"

    "Take her to her room. I desire the tea be brought to my room with some cake right away. Do I make myself clear?" he said looking angry right now.

    "Y-Yes sir. I'll be sure to have that sent to you."

    "Good. Now, take her to her room and get her out of my sight.." Brandon walks off while the servant went to help her but they both hear the door slam harshly from the top floor as he looks at Melina still holding her now marked throat from his grip.

    "*Sighs* Come with me miss, lets get you to your room..." he said helping her as they both leave. The other servants, even the cook heard that but looked sad now. They were close in some way but it seems that didn't go well for either of them. Later that night, Brandon was still awake while drinking his tea and already eaten his cake but he was thinking of his mother in hopes she was alright still angry with Melina for the horrible things she said.

    As for Melli, she was in bed sleeping but some medic maid already wrapped up her neck so she should be alright. However, she didn't say a thing while having a hard time sleeping for a while back till dozing off from what happened. To be honest, Brandon has never lost his temper like that before and it seems he's only lost it with two people. One being his father when he badmouth her about not being serous to the bloodline.

    The second person was Melli that was even attacked by him after throwing insults. He only looks at the half eaten cake on his plate and the half cup of sparkling apple cider that rest on the table. Maybe he might get some clue into what he could do to fix this. Knowing his little stunt could make Melli hate her again or worse; move out.

    He picks up the tea to blow on on it and takes a sip. The night went all wrong and now he attacked and yelled at her. He slams his head on the table to think a little bit and slowly sees the time getting late once more. Maybe he can get some time to over think about this with some needed sleep. Today was one insane day.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    The next morning he tried to apologize he was sorry for ehat he did and kbew he went too far.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He practiced trying to speak in a calm clear voice that he was sorry for the actions he took the other night but she didn't want to speak or see him. This morning, Brandon was about to knock on Melli's door that was closed shut right now since she needed some time to herself after that. He wasn't sure if she'll listen to him after last night but lions do tend to become dangerous in anger. Even when he knew she was scared thanks to him.

    "*Sighs* Okay. I can do this with nothing to fear. I need to make things right with her and hope she'll forgive me for my actions. I just hope she'll listen to me regardless of that. I never wanted to do anything so harmful towards her and yet...I lashed out like some animal would. No stay calm. I have to fix this before it gets worse..." he said this to himself for a second but shook his head, raising a hand up about to knock on the door.

    "Master Brandon? What are you doing up here? Shouldn't you be doing some studies in the office sir?" he stops to turn, seeing one of the betas that was holding some books with a few pens.

    "Nothing. I'm here to speak with Melli or at least check on her from previous events the other night."

    "Y-You are? I'm so sorry Master Brandon but you just missed her a while ago."

    "Huh? What do you mean?" he asked turning to face the butler beta that sets the books down and faces him as well.

    "Yeah. I was coming here earlier this morning to clean her room and wake her for breakfast but she was already seen leaving down the stairs. I didn't know why but she was wearing a jacket and a hat before heading out to do something. I tried to ask her what was wrong but she didn't wish to speak of it and it seems like she didn't get much sleep last night either...." he said.

    "She-wait, was she alone? Did she leave with no one else escorting her?"

    "Yes. She told two other maids that you gave orders to watch over her that she didn't want anyone to go with her. She wanted some time to herself and maybe visit some other places away from here for a little while. Miss Shimaki didn't say what time she'll be back but she's not returned ever since this morning." he said which made Brandon now worry. Was last night that bad to her leaving this morning? Not ever wanting to see him or get close to him again?

    "Did she take her cell phone with her?"

    "I believe she has. Why?"

    "I need someone to try and get in contact with her just to check on her and where she is. Be sure to tell me as soon as you know anything."

    "Yes sir, I'll spread the word to the others on that task." With a bow, the beta butler picks up the books and heads off to do that while leaving Brandon upstairs to ponder his thoughts. With no words to say, he slowly looks down to cover his face feeling dumb now. How could he let himself get angry like that? Why couldn't he just been more serious or stern without the aggressive nature of his bloodline. With no words, he turns to head back to his room where he needed some time to think of what he can do if theirs a chance.

    "Great; the one time I slip up and it was last night. I don't even know if she even wishes to speak to me after that event. Do I even risk the chance of her hating me more..." he mutters before heading downstairs. There he saw the cook with the rest speaking about the whole thing from last night and wishes for things to become right again. He didn't blame them or her for this but they only wished to find ways to make this all better again.

    ".............."he stayed silent to himself but the beta grew worried to seeing other servants wondering themselves. The rest just hope things will get better between her and him. A simple slip up can change everything, even if you didn't know it.



    "Don't give up. I'm sure you and her will get the chance to talk this out.....we know that sir. Please don't be hard on yourself because of something your family blood line is used to. I know things are not looking good right now because of last night but the idea seemed perfect at the time. I want to let you know that this isn't the will be alright." The cook said drying his hands but Brandon only went to take a seat in a chair because he was trying to really think or clear his head.

    "Easier said than done my friend. I ruined it. I ruined the chance I've tried to gain with Melina. I already scared the living heck out of her and she won't even come near me..........*covers face* I just....I'm unsure on how to progress from here. How can I make amends for my anger the other night?"

    "Again, time till heal sir but you just have to wait for due time, she will understand and you will too....Besides, feeling down like this won't make things better for either of you right now."the cook said before setting down a hot cup of cocoa. "Now, why don't you prepare for the day master Brandon? you might get your head cleared after that and maybe got some work done. Me and the others will try to contact the miss just to see if she's alright."

    "I honestly don't want to do anything but wait for her but..I guess so." standing up, he leaves to do just that with the servants worried before getting to work.

    In the city at Mimi's home, Melina was there drinking some hot tea but eating some snacks with her. She's been needing away time from the mansion and the events last night. She didn't tell Mimi because she didn't want her to freak out or pass out one month ago during some sick season. At least her friend always had open arms when something goes wrong and she was blessed for it. She was so happy to know that her, Tony, and many others were here in case she needed someone that will keep her safe.

    "You seriously need to give me the list on how to make this Mimi. I can't feel like myself without your cooking."

    "I'm guessing with that comment, you want another helping of my Catalonia pieces. Maybe I should start adding my secret sauce as well huh?" she teased to see Melina snicker a bit at her friend being silly but at least the image in her mind of fear was gone for now.

    "Are you ever going to learn to stop being silly? You're going to be the death of me Mimi."  she said to see her pour some hot tea in her cup again before sitting down at the table beside her. She had her cup already while passing over the tray of bread bites. Even Mimi was a amazing cook too. She wouldn't mind staying here even longer.

    "You know I can't help it when it comes to making you happy. You're my friend and I wish to do everything in my power to make you smile."

    "Heh, I know..."

    "So Melli. I hope I was able to still put that smile on your face...."she said smiling to her as Melli nods slowly still holding her mug.

    "You did Mimi and I thank you for that."

    "E-even after......well, I know it's not my business, as of last night?"

    "......" she didn't answer the question while her mind was still trying to forget the memory of Brandon ramming her against the wall, aiming to actually kill her. She got off lucky last night or she wouldn't be here. Mimi noticed that right away before taking Melina's hand to give a supporting squeeze.

    "I'm sorry, Melli. I shouldn't have spoken or asked about it. That topic is still fresh to you right now and it should be the last thing on your mind right at the moment too...."

    "I'll be alright Mimi. Still need some time to get used to the whole thing, I just don't...want to be near him right now. Maybe for a while, I need myself or my personal space. I don't know what might happen if I somehow encountered him back at the mansion."

    "Maybe it's best, considering that you had to go to your other doctor to check on the claw marks on your throat and neck. I guess the others were right on Lions. Their just as dangerous and power but still dangerous like other Alphas. That still sucks."

    "Y-Yeah..." she mutters this while still looking at her tea that floated around in the tea but Melli honestly didn't know what to do. She kept having visions and other thoughts in her mind since she's not sure about it. Knowing things will get better but that will also take time. She only remained silent to walking over and giving Melli a gentle hug.

    "Don't be afraid, Melli. Everything will be alright in the end. Just...just stay away from him for a while and maybe you will be okay. He seriously needs to clear his head and so you do. I won't let someone like him make you feel worse than you don't need to be."


    "So how about you stay here with me for the remaining time of today? That way we can hang out longer for ourselves. Girls with girls. Hows that sound?"

    "....That sounds nice.....Thanks Mimi.."

    She decided to stay a while longer for the whole day to be honest before heading home again. Well, her old home. Seems no one rented it but it could do better for someone that needs it. Melli kept walking down the sidewalk of the city before she goes ahead with just walking. She didn't even care about anything else before heading down some old path she used to know of as a child to now. A old path she never thought of walking to before.

    Melli checked the cell phone to see what time it was but it seems to get getting late from it says. She then noticed the list of missed calls from the other servants back at the mansion. Right now, she didn't want to call back or anything before scrolling through it and deleting the missed calls. She then set her phone on silent mood so no one else would be able to contact her till she gets back whenever. Melli needed time to herself.

    The time was a little late but she still kept walking, wearing her jacket that was covering her to keep warm. She then looks around to see the west side of the city. The area where some older homes were located near some house. She went over through some gates before looking to the right seeing another pathway. She heads down that one next till slowly stopping in front of the gates. It was the cemetery site. Where her buried family was. She's not been here in months to years now but she used to visit every day when she was a little younger.

    Crying over the grave stones of her parents and others."......" Letting out a sigh, she walks past it and keeps heading down the pathway to another location of some spots. When getting to a park bench, she heard and saw some clouds rolling in that she lets out another sigh and goes to sit near a covered bench with some food she got a second later. Maybe she will stay out here for a while before heading 'home'. She just needs this time to clear her mind and herself from the fear and sadness. Even if her little condition isn't bothering her, it's enough peace for her.

    "................." 'I just want to stay out here...for a little longer...'

    Back at the mansion, Brandon was done working and it seems to notice the rain storm that was passing by and coming here. It wasn't too bad from the start but it seems to only get heavier by the passing hour. However, still no word from Melli and if she was heading home or getting a ride. She seriously must not want to come back thanks to him and he wishes to fix this. With one glass of wine in his hand, he only looks down at the ground not able to stop thinking of her.

    None of the other servants told him if they got through with her on the cell phone but she might have had it off for a while now. Great, she's not even in the mood to answer phone calls.


    Seconds later, he heard a knock on his door to make him look down not wishing to see anyone. "*Sighs* I told everyone that I don't wish to be bothered right now....I'll see to it that I need a second with my thoughts right now.." The door opens to show another Alpha male that was walking over but he was gazing upon Brandon while eyeing the wine that he was swirling in his hand.

    "Oh Brandon. That's no way to say hi to a friend after so long from years and years. I figure you may needed a visitor here hmm to keep you all smiling and cheerful...whatever that may be." he slowly looks silent again before turning his head to see the other in his office. A man wearing all black with no sign of color, his hair neatly trimmed with a sneaky gaze in his eyes. A old friend indeed with the name of Lu.

    "Oh...It's you Lu.."

    "But of course. The one and only...."

    "......I never knew I would have company as you here..."

    "it's called visiting you as a friend, Maboroshi. Besides, I heard you seem down about something so why not? I don't mind trying to help you out..." he said taking a seat with another maid pour some wine in another glass. He only swirls his glass as well before taking a few sips but Brandon just looks out at the rain still coming down but hopes she was alright out there. Where ever she was.

    "Lets just say it's...personal reasons, Lu."

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He mostly ignored lu worried for melina and it was hard for him to know she was alone. There were many hunting her for her body and he couldnt stop them all.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    Lu was smoking a strong smoke while looking at the rain that comes pouring down onto the city and the mansion. This left him rather enjoying the night but he just drinks some of his wine to look at Brandon still looking out at the window. Becoming lost was something Brandon hated to be but that's his life in some way. He wouldn't judge it in one bit but still left him curious.

    "So, what happened anyway Brandon? Usually when I see you, it's another happy moment between us. We always had fun doing things together in this mansion of yours with us punishing idiots that come to bother us. Wasn't that fun? I guess maybe since I'm here we can have a little-"

    "Seriously? You came all this way to bother me just to joke off? To be honest Lu, I'm not in the best of moods right now so can't you come another day where things are not as....terrible?" he asked before drinking his wine but Lu raised an eyebrow towards him since Brandon wouldn't say such a thing like that. He would be the one to just go ahead and do things or punish another for being how they were. This? This was rather new for Lu to see.

    "Hmmmm? What does that mean Brandon. I was just asking if you were feeling okay. No need to get angry with me on that."

    "Seriously? Why can't you take things more real for one moment?"

    "Oh calm down, I'm not trying to be the bad guy here Brandon but the one that can be of some service to help you. I just wanted to try to cheer you up to get from this sudden down feeling you share at the moment. Is that wrong for a friend to do or to look out for your well being?" he asked him but once more, Brandon kept his eyes out from the window that he sets the empty glass down before a maid pours more wine into it for him. His red eyes just watches every drop of rain coming down onto the world but his mind still remained on one person. Melli. Where she was.

    "Well, with much words you let slip past that tongue of yours it's not easy. You think everything is a game to you? Well, it's not. I'm really worried about some things in my head right now and I don't need you distracting me."

    "Defensive much?" he joked but again saw Brandon not responding towards that still looking through the window in front of him.

    "Brandon, you seriously need to stop this moping. You know it's never good look for you to behave like that and the same for you showing weakness in your blood line. I for one know that myself. Try just to smile a little please? It will do better for the both of us."

    "I told you I'm not in a good mood, Lu. Right now, I'm worried about someone that's still out there and I don't know if she's hurt, kidnapped or.....killed. If you already know yourself Lu, the city isn't a safe place and others are worried about what could pop up. I just need to make sure she's alright but she won't even answer her cell phone." he said but Lu blinks to look at him then checked the watch on his wrist. He started getting bored now but he only went to sit at the desk top and checks the outside with his orange red eyes.

    "She might have her cell phone off right now. Might not want to be bothered with anyone from where she is. Like you said before, when she wishes to come back here she will come back here." Lu said to him which left Brandon to sigh again.

    "That's possible......but still she could have answered the cell and the calls. I get she's just my patient but as her doctor I need to be sure she's safe and alright. I don't want to see her beaten up by someone or wounded.."

    "Again, she may have reasons to why she won't answer her cell phone or come here at the moment. Speaking of which, you never told me the name of a girl out there. Is she someone you know or is she someone new?"

    "I'm helping her with some things by request but you could sorta say that. She's a patient that is under eye and watch right now here in the mansion. She already knows the dangers and yet, being her doctor makes me concerned. I already told Tony I would watch over her till she's 100% better again so if anything happens to her, I'll never hear the end of it from Tony."

    "Tony? You mean the one from the grizzly bear clan? I thought he left time years ago after that fire accident." she said remembering but Brandon shakes his head.

    "He was planning to but something came up to change his mind and he's the head chief of the police station."

    "How shocking and here I thought that fur ball would be gone by now."

    "Seems you were late on that part, Lu."

    "Can't blame a man for trying friend. Heck, I'm even curious to this woman's sickness you seem to be working on I think?"

    "Of course I am Lu. What made you think I'm not working on it without some progress being done on it." he told Lu this but sets the glass down on the table of his desk. The only thing Lu did was savor the moment from this and pour another glass for him and a bit more for Brandon.

    "Uh huh, right.....Tell that to how much work needed to be worked on resulting the patient's condition."

    Correct me if I'm wrong but what is her condition?"

    "Pureline PDI."

    "Oh, that? Such a old sickness but they said it shouldn't be happening to someone but it seems they were wrong. Though, any progress with the condition?" he asked to see Brandon shaking his head no. To be honest, he's not sure how her condition was handling the medicine he gave her. So far, he didn't smell her scent or have it burning the hairs in his nose so it's working to say the least. So far, he's been getting reports of 50/50 of good and bad effects because of them. Right now, he just wished to figure out another way to work on it.

    "Not much has been done yet but I can see a work in progress. That's all I can really say to be honest without betraying the patient that I was trusted with. I don't need her to get more angry with me than she already is."

    "Well, it's something isn't it so why not be happy about that? You made something that can help her and maybe thousands but just so you know, I find it weird. You never been this worried over someone and their your patient? She's a no one I'm guessing and is just holding you back Brandon."

    "That's because this sort of thing is just for her. Because of her condition-"

    Pureline PDI right?"

    "Uhh yeah. I've tried many things and I'm still working on more to help her."

    "I get it now. The last time I heard reports about that but I guess it's all back in a different form. I figure since the condition was nothing serious, I thought alright. I never would have guessed that something rose up once more." he said rubbing his chin but this left Brandon curious to how in the world he found out about the condition and how Lu really remember it.

    "I see...."

    "Either way, I wonder if your just using this woman to study more about the condition. That would be a new low for you, Brandon if you did such a thing."

    "That was one time Lu when I was beginning."

    "Just asking you need to get angry. Unless you were then I understand fully..."

    "That's not true, Lu. I won't use her like that, she's my patient and I'm going to help her the best way that I can and know."

    "Just stating the facts Brandon. Things work and some things don't work with whatever idea you may think of. *swirls the wine again* I guess if this patient was something else. Why do you think she just ran off to get out of here?" he asked but once more, Brandon didn't wish to answer. Maybe changing the subject will do better for them. Just then, he noticed something walking up to the main doors.

    "Strange; I didn't know you had more guest showing up today for you. Don't you have this place sealed up from trespassers unless invited to your home?"

    "I wasn't..It could be one of the servants coming back from a shopping trip to the city. We were running down on some food to be honest."

    "If you say so....."

    The person was standing there a few seconds before walking to the door and reaching into their pocket to get a set of keys out. They pulled the keys out and inserts it into the key hole and gives a turn to unlock it. He sees the person walk into the home.

    "Oh my! Seems you have come back milady but you are soaked!" One maid said while taking the now soaked jacket off and sets it somewhere.

    "Sorry about the water....I didn't know it was going to be soaking wet like this tonight....I'll get some paper towels to dry up the water.."

    "Please don't trouble yourself miss. You shouldn't...."

    "Well, I want to at least. *sees a few starts wiping water off the floor* Besides, it wouldn't be right if you guys had to do it." she mutters as the maids were watching her really wanting to help or do it themselves. Brandon wouldn't like that since they had to do that, not her. They couldn't stop Melina anyway because they saw the job was done seconds later and she was throwing the wet paper towels away.

    "Done so no problem right?"

    "O-Of course.."

    Brandon heard of it but recognized the tone of voice. He heard his two main maids walks down the stairs for a second speaking to the familiar voice that was Melina as the maids walk up with her. They both saw Melli soaking wet from the head to the feet. She must have got caught in it with no umbrella given to her or taking one. She did let out a little sneeze from being caught in the rain but they hurry to work on getting her in warm clothes.

    "Oh dear, Miss Shimaki. Lets get you dried up and get some hot tea. You might catch a horrible cold if you stay like this much longer." the first one said.

    "Yes, yes, yes. A wet female is no good in this sort of moment. Please, right this way...We will take care of you just to be sure you don't become sick." the second said.

    "..................." the three of them walk past Brandon's office that he went to check on her a quick second with Lu sitting there drinking more wine in his glass. Before the three got inside the room, the maids stop to see Brandon rushing over. They saw Melli go ahead inside of her room but was close to shutting the door till.....

    "Wait a second, please!"

    She didn't say anything but sees the two maids watching this while heading inside to help her with anything she needed. He makes it to the door but he saw Melli soaked to the bone indeed but her hair was covering her face a little so you couldn't see her eyes. He really wonders if she was still hurt but seeing the bandages around her neck told him other wise.


    "Hi Melina. I'm...umm....glad that you got home safe........"


    "....still silent. I don't blame you. Listen I..I'm so sorry about last night Melli. I never wanted to hurt you in anyway like that. I just...I became angry when you spoke negative about my mother.."


    "Listen I....Melina, I just wish I can find some way to fix this. I never wanted to....I.....I really want to fix this. I want to make it where nothing happened. Lets just go back t how things used to be before last night. So what do you say? Want to give it a shot? Please...please forgive me...." he said begging to Melina but she didn't respond to him.

    All she did was look away from him and goes to get ready for a bath. The maids sighed before looking to their master. They will tell him what he wanted for right now, she wasn't ready. One just closes the door and goes to help her with the bath with a warm up. Brandon was about to knock but it seems she still was not speaking to him. Even Lu was a little shocked from that. Many females would love to be by his side but no, it's the opposite.


    "So I see she's doing well hmm?"

    "Shut up Lu..." he mutters before walking back to his office for the remaining time of the night.

    As for Melli, she was sitting in the bath to soak for a while in hot water with the oils mixed in. Her eyes were shut still leaning back against the bath but she just wished for a clear mind right now but she only sighed to lean her head at the edge and savor the silence.

    She did feel relaxed thanks to the hot water that soothed her body but she didn't say much right after. Melli only lets the water soak that she slowly shuts her eyes to sniff a little. The maids heard that but just wait for her to come out after turning on the heater and letting the room warm up for her a little. However, they were not sure if that would be enough.

    Brandon did get back into the main room where he just sits down and Lu was confused as to what just happened. Seems things didn't go well with his so called patient.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He didnt like lu and found him to be as a theif. He wanted melli but brandon couldnt prove it.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    Even if Lu's family were allies with Brandon's family, he still wasn't sure what his father was thinking. Trusting someone as sneaky as a snake like Lu to get this close. It was because of his family that things didn't go as planned and he only wanted to become the most powerful man in the city. Regardless of what others see or fear in him. Brandon thought their was some good in Lu, maybe a change of heart but no. He had a black heart down to his soul. Even when they were children he still wasn't trustworthy.

    While seeing Lu leave the area of the mansion front in his car, he only remained more silent because of it. He only remained silent because of it. It left him thinking of the times his family and Lu's family met and made arrangements to help one another in the city.

    "So let me get this straight, you of all people are going to be joining side by side with my family? How are you even lucky to get in that sort of thing?"A 10 year old Brandon asked while showing a angry glare towards a 10 year old Lu who was eating some food thanks to his servant giving him a plate. He never liked family meetings or gatherings because of things like this so it's hard to say at the moment.

    "Yes. I find it funny for you or anyone else to become so grumpy about this. We get to become friends now little cub. Just think of all the fun we will have. The fun we get to bully little snot nose brats and see on some cute girls..."he said while seeing a few little girls his age speaking with their friends but Brandon sighed, not looking at them but at the bunny doll he had in his arms.

    Brandon didn't have a interest for any other girl except for one that was Melli. He just took a seat near a table while Lu stood up and remained silent thanks to that. He just found it rather...annoying for something like this to become a problem for him.

    "Please don't tell me your that type of kid that only wants to get all the girls in the world or city."

    "In some way I am but I am cool with the girls I knew in school. They always wanted to see just how amazing I am with being a Alpha. I already got a list of girls that wish to be my mate." he said showing off but Brandon shook his head to find him a little stupid for how he said that.

    "Sure you are, sure. I find that hard to believe and I don't believe it."

    "Don't blame me for you being jealous. I know I'm able to get any girl I want and I get the feeling you could as well. I mean, with your ranking and stuff in the family."

    "Oh really? Well, if your going to be part of the family allies, what level are you? My father hates weaklings that he only partners with powerful clan members that match up to us."Brandon asked him.

    "Oh, Me? I'm an Alpha from the black viper snake clan so you can believe we are just as powerful as any other. What about you?"

    "Brown lions clan, Alpha as well. I didn't know their were Alphas still in this city. Or that's what father said about it himself since most either left or was feeling bored to retire.."he mutters before Lu just snickered thinking this kid was really out of it before he noticed the bunny doll that was held in his arms.

    "Nice doll by the way. Who gave it to you, or who made it?"Lu said about to reach and touch it but right away, Brandon growls at Lu to make him stop and look at him. No one was allowed to touch the bunny doll except him and his mother. It was too special for anyone to touch to where they might ruin it.

    "What? Did I strike a nerve with you, cub?"

    "First off, it's Brandon and second, don't touch the doll. It's a reminder of someone I deeply want to have as my mate when we get older."he said while Lu gotten more confused but rather curious to the special someone Brandon was speaking of. While the grown ups were enjoying the party, Lu moves away from the other children to the near gate that showed the other side of the city they were in.

    "So you did have a special someone huh? Tell me, who is she? Did you meet her already?"he asked her but Brandon sighed to not really know why he got excited about her. He remained quiet before reaching into his pocket and takes out a photo of a young girl that's the same age as them. Lu looks at the picture before he snickered at the photo.

    "She's pretty. What's her name?"

    "Melina Shimaki or Melli for short I think. I've heard her name before and she's from the snow white bunny clan but is an Omega. I've been observing her for the time thanks to the guards that roam the city for my family. They keep me up to date with this girl because I want to know more about her....."He said looking at the photo till he puts it away in his pants pocket to feel Lu nudging him with a smirk.

    "You sure have some good taste when it comes to girls, Brandon. However, if you got guards walking over the city to look for this girl, wont' she become scared of you due to your rank?"he said but Brandon only shook his head. Of course he knew about that which is why he's trying to plan for a way to get a better view of her. When Lu was about to ask, he heard his family calling him as the same with Brandon's father. The meeting was over and it was time to leave.

    "Guess that's it. See you later, Cub. Maybe we will meet again.."

    "Whatever.."he said before seeing Lu rush over to his parents like the other kids but Brandon walks over to his mother and father that was waiting for him as they leave for their cars. While getting in the car and driving off, his parents looked at the windows to see the passing of the city. His father already had somethings that needed to be done so he'll leave his family to do their own thing during the time being.

    "...................."While heading home, Brandon was holding onto the bunny doll that his mother made for him but when stopping at a red light, he looks outside to some playground. Right there, he saw her. The girl that was in the photo playing with a older women that had to be her mother. She matched the photo down to every detail.

    The young girl had dark amber brown hair that's down to the lower neck. She had a small nose, lips, and ears with a smooth skin and soft cheeks. She seems to even look more curious from the small tattoos on her left side that was starter ones. The main thing he knew it was indeed her was the eyes.

    Indigo eyes that seems to shine in the sunlight. She was holding onto a swing while laughing from each push. However, her mother was happy and enjoying the time with her daughter. Brandon's father noticed that and looks at the window to see the two then at his son.

    "Brandon.....did you see that child?" he asked to make Brandon snap out of it.

    "Yes,'s that same girl that's in my dreams. The very same one."

    "Really dear? You never said she shows up in your dreams. Or was this from the faiths that spoke of you finding your ideal mate later down the road?" he mother asked to see Brandon nod. It had to be. Knowing the girl or at least he believes that was there in that city. Even more, he wonders if it's also possible to what they said.

    'A girl with mysterious indigo eyes from the snow bunny clan will be your ideal mate. You are to be her mate as she is yours. Only time will tell when the two of you meet.'

    That's what the faith of mates told him that day. Both his parents looked at one another before the car moves again from the green light. Brandon's father knew about the clans in this city so maybe he can make some arrangement to this.

    "Son, if it's possible, we might get you both to meet. They should be honored to meet the brown lion and their daughter meeting you. I'll make arrangements for you both to meet....if possible."

    "If it's possible father...I just never seen such a girl before in this city....either way, I want to know more about her. Know her life, everything." he said to see his father pet his head with a chuckle.

    "If you wish..."

    That's what his father had told him but Brandon lets out a sigh to his empty wine glass. Of course that's how things went and he still wanted to know more about her. The same old history and how she lived her life before meeting him and Lu that was accident. He figure if she wanted to, Melli could have left the city and away from him. Even if the faiths knew that, it still would come true. Right now, the rain still came down onto the city that he turns away from it and goes to his room for the night.

    There, one maid was waiting for him while showing his bathroom with water ready for him. He sets the glass down on the tray she had while taking his clothes to take a long soak for the night. He will get some sleep later on when he wanted to. For right now, he wanted some sleep. Melli, on the other hand was already sleeping in her room but she was covered with a blanket to keep her warm at night. Maybe tomorrow, the rain will clear up for her when heading to work or whatever she plans on doing.

    Being here only made her nervous by the passing second and it wasn't good for her health in some way. For the night that passes along, Brandon and Melina only didn't know the longer path they will know during that time. The next morning, Brandon did go to sleep in his room and he still was sleeping right now while Melli was already awake ready for work while checking her neck and throat. The wounds were healed but scars remained on her skin. They didn't seem as bad and she figures right now she should be alright.

    She looks at the time to see it was almost time for her to go but reaches to get her medicine and get two pills out. Melli looks right at the medicine before taking them with a gulp and a glass of water before letting out a sigh. She gets her things from the table and heads out into the hallway. It seems he wasn't awake but the servants were while she walks down the hallway down to the stairs of the first floor. She already smelled some breakfast being made in the kitchen but she went to get a little something before heading to work.

    "Ah, Miss Shimaki good morning. How did you sleep last night?" the cook asked.

    "Well, thank you. Seems your doing alright yourself.." she said getting an apple from the basket but the cook smiled to show a box with some bento for her. She blinks seeing the box before he smiled.

    "I figure since you may need something to eat, I made you something my dear." he said.

    "O-Oh, you didn't have to do that....."

    "I wanted to miss. Besides, we all wish for you to feel right at home here.....either way, it's the least we can do with master Brandon-"

    "Please, I don't wish to..speak about him right now. I just want to head to work and come back later today."

    "Miss...are you still jumpy from before? I'm sure the master didn't mean to do that..he just gotten..."

    "I better head out. Thank you for the lunch box.." she said interrupting him while leaving the kitchen to the main hallway. The cook watches her leave but sighs with a shake of his head. The poor dear was still upset with their master and she didn't wish to get in contact with him right now. Everything was going down the wrong way now and it might not be long before she wishes not to even deal with him.

    Even worse, moving out of the mansion to her old home in the city. It's still having the heating warning in effect and they were not sure how bad it's gotten over the last few days. All they can wish for is her being careful.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    Brabdb was worried about her and watched her leave

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He could see her getting in the car and drives off to the city once more but Brandon noticed that the gates closed after her car leaves. It was hard for him to understand even after that time from last night. Brandon wanted to fix all this and hope to show he was friendly but it left another thing to worry him. Something in the back of his mind to make him hate Lu even more and more.

    He only wished to make things better for the both of them before hearing a knock on the door. With a sigh, Brandon didn't turn around while holding a glass of water that was brought to him that morning. However, the knock came once more to make him figure he may have to answer it.


    The door opens to show one of the maids that walked over to him while standing beside him. She even held some medical papers that he asked for from the doctor that used to help Melina years back before then.

    "Oh, you came back. Did you do the task I asked of you?" he said to see her nod, setting the papers down on his desk while he turns around to see them.

    "Yes. I've gotten all the medical files on Melina like you asked. The doctor that used to help her has retired but he was nice enough to give the documents you wished for." she said as Brandon went on the other side to take a seat in his chair and checks the first document that showed Melina's picture and her medical status during her visits.

    The first one as before showed her physical status. He saw she was always healthy, eating right and not too much on junk food. She did daily exercises when she wanted to every morning at 5 am. She was known for having a healthy body weight and height. Their were other tests done with her at the time but he noticed some other medical issues she had during the time.

    "Hmmmm...she had a level of mental problems with her depression I take it?"

    "Yes sir. However, the record says she's been working on that when given medicine for it. However, the doctor had no idea how bad she was before later on." the maid said but Brandon sets down the first one and checks the second one. It showed the whole list of her Pureline PDI. He opens it to read it. Showing the start of it, when and what it did to her. Even to the effects it had on her when he got interesting on one paragraph he read to himself.

    'Although Melli's Pureline PDI is known for being unknown, studies show that she may have had a unstable sex drive. During the first days, I tracked the following effects on her but she did seem normal. Melli's patterns in her brain didn't change until the next two weeks. They increased heavily thanks to that but I noticed she's not herself thanks to it. On the fifth week, her records change. Her heat level went up to 200%, her scent is off the charts, she's known for becoming aggressive in a need to mate but no one knows who her mate is. I'm sure how how long this has happened to her but I got a guess it's started in her teenage years that moved on to her young adult years.'

    *Turns page* Although I've kept track regarding her condition, I say it's something rare to have in her clan. Others that had this usually is sent to the hospital that can treat this but some wouldn't be able to take it and end up hurting themselves or get eaten. Omegas tend to be like animals during this time which is needed to take the required medicine and suppressants to keep their scents down. I will keep doing what I need to keep on her status.'

    Brandon puts the notes down on the desk before seeing the third one that didn't show much to help him. It seems that showed some secret things like tests. Were they experimenting on her during her teenage years or adult years? IF that's the case then wouldn't she have scars from all that. Maybe she did but was hiding them so others wouldn't ask. The thought of them doing something like that made Brandon angry. Thinking humans cut and scared his mate like this as some Ginny pig. Even the maid noticed his reaction before clearing her throat.

    He could almost see it to make him look at the book with the notes. Right there, he saw Melli sitting on the floor while under some bright light. Her back showing to whoever was there scared and cut deep with some needles and tubes that was absorbing her blood or giving blood. She couldn't move or hear anything while they did this to her but their were scientists that was there to work on her. Even one man that didn't show his face while a sinister smirk was shown on his face. However, his suit looked familiar and so did his posture.

    Was this...Lu? No, Lu wasn't in town when he remember that so it couldn't be him. Could it? If that was possible, Brandon will have to double check if it was the black viper snake clan that caused this to happen to her or was it another clan that was not known to the others in the city?

    "Sir....was their anything else you wish for me to do for you regarding this?"

    "Find me anything else that can help me with this. Maybe the Pureline PDI seems more than I thought. If I missed anything else, bring it to me because I'm going to figure this out if I can. Make sure my other appointments are on hold till later this afternoon."

    "As you wish sir.." She turns to leave the room so he was alone again but Brandon still goes back to reading more of this whole thing in hopes to gaining more information about this and maybe something about her too. As for Melli, she was already at work and checking in with Tony who was explaining something for the whole group about new studies and work given to them. However, he did see that others were not in due to the warning that's still in effect.

    "Really? Even after the cleaning from the last few nights, the warning is still up?" Mimi asked worried to see Tony nod.

    "Yes. Maybe that was effected by this are out for work. It's just a few of us, including you and Mimi. Which is why, I'm thinking that we should close early or do a city patrol for today or till this whole thing passes. I know some of you are worried about all this but just keep calm and we can get past this. If any of you are due to your heat or will go into your heat, you may have to head home and wait it out. If you took your needed medicine and suppressants, you are allowed to stay." Tony said but Melli and the rest nod.

    "Good. Lets get ready for work and head out for patrol." he said as everyone leaves to get their things to do that. As Melli and Mimi leave to get their things, Tony stops them.


    "Listen, I know you both never did patrol as much and I'm a little concerned about Melli here due to her situation." he said seeing Melli looking silent.

    "Sir, I'm fine. Nothing will cause me to get sick or become bad from all this. It shouldn't bother me for the time while on patrol. We work here just as the rest and we need to do our part in helping the city....."

    "I know that which I'm happy you both wish to help with that but I don't want anything to happen to you two. You're more important right now and I won't have some idiot harm the both of you because of that. Now, are you really sure you wish to do this?"

    "We will be okay sir....we are both trained for this. We got it." Mimi said with a smile but Tony looks at her then at Melli before letting out a sigh.

    "Alright. Go ahead then but if anything happens, radio me or someone to come help."

    With that, they head out to do the patrol around the city. With Melli taking her suppressants, she should be alright for a while. Same with Mimi but who knows which person will try to harm them or worse, kidnap them.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He sighs

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    Brandon had got nothing else with the three reports on Melli and her condition. He begins to wonder if more was known but they were hidden away from others eyes. Things like this tend to become serious if not taken care of right and might lead to bigger problems for that one person. He didn't want anything to become wrong with Melli nor did he wish for anything to be of harm for her. He just wanted to keep her safe and protected from anything dangerous. Even the crazy heat warning in the city. He knew millions and millions of males were in waiting for a target, tackling and claiming them for their own.


    Melli was alright by herself as long as she's not out there because even with her medicine, she can still get attacked. Men's noses tend to become stronger during their heat drives and with medicine or suppressants that wouldn't help keep them safe. He could go and make sure she was alright but he might be as risk for smelling too much of the air in the city and become lustful. That's something he didn't wish to show in front of Melli right now. Not till things are better between them and it's not. He checks the time to see she's been for a few hours now and he didn't get a response on her text phone from the message he sent to her. Just to check up on her.

    However, he didn't only just make things more complicated but it seems from how this went, Melli again may never wish to speak with him no more. He wanted things to be better again with no hiding or fighting. Just him and her getting to know each other again. He checks the phone again to see he got some messages from the spies that were out in the city for him. He got no message of them spotting Melina in the police station but they were wondering if she was on patrol. Did that mean she was out in the city right now?!

    He quickly texted back to them, saying for them to keep an eye out for her. Make sure nothing harms her or tries to because Brandon won't be friendly if something happened to her. He waited for a reply from them to get a 'yes sir' answer back. Now, Brandon had to wait for the update to see if Melli would be alright.

    To answer the question, she was alright but patrolling the city with Mimi as they watch the people moving on with their business but not many was out. Due to the effect of heat in the air, many were trying to stay indoors and keep their windows closed. They knew how insane some of the others in this city could be and they didn't wish to risk it by getting caught.

    "Ugh, this is boring Melli. When can we head back or leave for the day? I need some fried snacks again." she whines to Melli who was petting her head while holding a laugh back. Maybe she was only getting able to get so much ahead of herself. This left her wondering just how hyper Mimi was when it came to things like that. Maybe she was more happy with life than Melli was. Not that she was complaining about it or anything. She was happy as stated.

    "Hey Melli? Do you think after this, Tony might left the ban with others staying inside while we keep an eye out for something strange?"

    "That depends on how it effected the air in the city, Mimi. We have to do what we can in order to make others know it's getting worked on." she said to her but Mimi nods to smile at her before thinking about something else.

    "Hold on; if that's the case then didn't you.."

    "I've already taken my medication for this sort of thing Mimi. I won't get infected towards the heat or because of my Pureline PDI. I'll be sure to take extra since I got some in my pocket. So no worries."

    "Oh. I was just making sure since I don't want anyone harming you due to this thing spreading out. We got word from last night that some were arrested due to losing it from the smell in the air. Idon't know if the scent is getting stronger by the passing day or is this for someone that's been fixing the smell to make others change. That only leaves me more worried about it."

    "Don't worry, it's fine. We still have a few hours before the shifts are over with. We did speak with a few people regarding this and seems things are not too bad. However as Tony said, we still need to do what is needed to make things less in danger. So we will be alright as long as we are careful."

    "I know, I know but still. That wouldn't stop someone else from worrying about the others in the city that is just very jumpy about things. I won't blame them because of the heat spreading around the air and we are not sure what's causing it." she said but Melli blinks from that.

    "No one still found the location or the main location to what was going on. Their has to be some main point to how this was going on. Or at least figure out who caused this to happen." she said before getting a radio message from another officer.

    'Attention officers; we have a Fv3 down near the main library. I repeat we have a Fv3. All required police near that location is to report there to apprehend the target.'

    When they heard that, they quickly drive down the road to get to their destination of where the person was. The drive only took a couple minutes before Mimi and Melli shows up with the arrival of another car. They leave from the cars to see a window broken down that had to be from the one that was inside. They took out their paralyzed tazer guns to get the target or knocked them out when arresting them.

    When getting near the door, they duck right away to see nothing or no one inside. Mimi had a guess they were hiding somewhere in the library with anyone that seems to be with them. Mimi and Melli walks through the opening in order to go ahead with the backup. They saw books and paper everywhere some torn or some burning which told them this person could be robber or maybe someone losing to the smell of the heat. This caused the two to look around to get near the middle of the library.

    "Do you think they are in here?" she asked Melli but gets a nod.

    "I get the feeling they are but we have to stay on guard and not lose focus....." Melli said looking around trying to find something or some clue to what was going on. They kept looking around to try and find someone that may be hidden in the library before she got tackled into the wall to wince. Melli had one eye open to see a male that was looking crazy with his face sweaty and his hands stained in blood. Did he hurt someone in here?! Melli tired to shove him away but feels him smelling her to make Melli tense up. Just what the heck was with this guy smelling her?

    Before she asked, Melli gasped when his hand lowers down her stomach to feel her body and skin. She shook her head to headbutt him as he staggers back but he only growls in heat to try and tackle her. Now Melli was beating the guy up or trying to get away from him. She runs away from the man to lead him outside of the library as he panted like some animal that was after his prey.

    When he gets through the opening, she turns around and fires the electric shock to paralyze the man. He twitched from all that but she was breathing in and out because of the running. At the same moment, the others with Mimi show up and asked what happened.

    "He found me but it seems he was in a unstable heat. I got him knocked out so we can get him to the medical center to cool him down." she said to them but Mimi was checking to be sure Melli wasn't hurt.

    "I'm alright Mimi.."

    "Just checking......" she said seeing more police officers showing up while some paramedics due to someone getting hurt. Both Mimi and Melli leave to get into the car and goes on their patrol since the others had this situation taken care of. Their patrol lasted for another few more hours before it was done for them. Mimi was heading home while Melli did the same as others were going home. Melli just remained silent while heading home but her eyes kept on the road while driving.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    Brandon was watching over her and proud she could take care of himself.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    She got back to the mansion after a few hours of driving to see the sun hiding behind the clouds while some light drizzle was coming down now. Melli didn't know it was going to rain once more but the rain was rather soothing to her. She loved hearing and looking at it as it comes down but she only showed a smile liking more about this. When driving into the parking area, she goes into one, parks the car, and turns off the engine. She gets out of the car and shuts the door to lock it.

    Melli then walks up towards the main doors of the mansion while getting inside before it started raining a little more now. She sees it was quiet now but sees a few maid and butlers cleaning up as she shuts the door which got one butlers attention.

    "Welcome home, Miss Shimaki. Shall I take your coat?" he asked her gently as Melli looks to him but showed a friendly smile.

    "You know you don't have to. I can go ahead with paying that dear friend so please don't trouble yourself."

    "Oh, I don't mind Miss Shimaki. Besides, I'm wishing to be a gentlemen for master Maboroshi's guests." he said but Melli only blinks to shake her head with a sigh. Why did so many people have to be this nice to her? She's only living here due to her problems but it seems like she's already welcomed home thanks to that. Seeing that told him she means yes, carefully taking the slightly wet jacket and goes to hang it up. She then removes her shoes to not track any water anywhere before looking to set them in the wet shoes tray beside the door.

    Seems nothing has happened during the time she was out at work but Melli didn't complain about it. She then heads to the main stairs and heads up to her room to get some relaxation and goes to her room. It seems everything was cleaned up already and yet, it just told her other wise. She gets to her bedroom door opening it with a light humming from her throat to stop.

    Their was a basket laying on the bed that was filled with fruits and some soaps. She walks into the room while heading over to the bed to check through it. This didn't seem like something she was used to seeing so maybe it was here by mistake. None the less, the name was her own so it had to be hers but their was another name on it. Brandon's name.

    "............." She sets it down again on the bed and takes a seat, giving it another look through to unwrap the plastic around it to see the soaps and fruits that were inside. Their was even some sweets inside too that were her favorite. Ones she got from her mother when she was a little girl. However, she tried to avoid sweets due to the memory of her and her mother sitting at the park sharing sweets together if Melli was doing well in school or during a hanging out. She wonders if her mother was doing alright where she was now even after so much has happened in her childhood. Same for her father that had to be watching over her right now.

    Even if she finds out what her father went through, she still always loved him. With another sigh, Melli goes to place the sweets on the dresser with the soaps beside them till seeing some note falling out by her foot. She blinks when seeing that to go ahead and pick it up while reading it. The note said the following:

    'I hope you like the gift. I was rather hard to get it perfect just for you, miss Shimaki. I hope you like the soap and sweets. I went ahead to special order these for you since I have a guess their your favorite. Anyway, I only wished to give this gift to you and hope you have a good evening. Same with the hope of you forgiving me.'

    Brandon Maboroshi


    So he was the one that bought this for her? He didn't have to do that but he did it anyway that left her really confused to how she reacts to this. Melli just went ahead to taking a shower for the night and get ready for bed since they had the police stay home for another day due to the warning of heats in the city air. She knew that the others, Mimi, and Tony were going to be alright but that left her thinking of some jerks doing their best trying to get out from the holding prison. They were being kept there till they calm down. Others that decided to go insane because of this made them only aggressive to this day passing a little more.

    Maybe some doctors were working on some cure to help them out with this but she figures why not? If they find a way to fix all this, it should be safe again for everyone. Melli ponders this while heading to bed now. In the main bed room, Brandon was reading some book after he finished some things during his work day. He figures that everything will be alright now but got word of the whole situation becoming more serious.

    Due to the heat and the cause of this spreading, it was said that things are not doing well because of it. Maybe it left Brandon more worried about Melli and her heading to the city to work. The heat in the air was effecting others more faster than usual and it seems to not be going down like it should. Someone is either increasing the heat sickness or something was making it seem like that. Others he spoken to were already figuring some things about this whole thing. Trying to find the source of all this nonsense happening to people.

    He sets the book down on the table before he heard something ding on the phone. Brandon picks it up to check on the whole thing to see a message from the scientist. Well, his family doctor and scientist that was always on point when it came to things like this. If anyone knew what is happening, it would be him.

    [Text] 'Hello mister Maboroshi. We are back as you requested with what's going on.'

    [Text] 'Ah, good evening. I take it you have some results resolving what is going on in the city. Have you found the source to how this is happening?'

    [Text] 'Yes sir. It seems to be coming from the south of the city that is near the bad part. We don't know if another family is causing this but we gotten word it could be.'

    [Text] 'So it could be a clan that's making this happen?'

    [Text] 'Yes sir....'

    [Text] 'Make sure to work on who is doing this and stop the smell from getting any worse. We don't need another insane fight going on between anyone. Same with stopping it from spreading out to far locations like here. Is that understood?'

    [Text] 'Yes sir. We will do just that right now.'

    [Text] 'Thank you...'

    He sets the phone down to look at the time once more, thinking about some things of what and how this will work. He was a little angry to find out someone was doing all this for no reason or that's what he believes. Brandon will do what is needed to figure this out and stop this from getting worse. With a sigh, he turns away from the clock to see the rain storm happening once more. Weird weather but still relaxing. As for Melli, she was in bed again while reading a little herself but she was eating some of the sweets that was given to her in the basket. At least she was alright and calm again so it could be possible for her to forgive him. She wasn't sure if he would even wish to hear it but Melli should do that.

    Her mother always said trying to get forgiveness is always a good feeling. Even better when you got the other's trust once more. She could try to make amends with him tomorrow at breakfast. Since she's off, why the heck now? Wit ha light yawn, she only relaxes again under the warm blankets to look at the window again. The rain was coming down still at a steady pace that she only smiled loving the feeling around her.

    Being nice and quiet, warm under heavy blankets. Even knowing everything was alright in her world, Melli loved it. She checked on something else to then see something else hidden in the basket. She pulls out some plush of a teddy bear that's hand crafted. Melli thought it was cute before hugging it close against her chest to feel how warm and soft it was. Melli only yawns a bit before shutting her eyes to get some sleep now. For tommorow's another day for her and the same for Brandon too.

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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    He rested content that she was happy

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    Re: Hannibal: Within the worlds of Omegas and Alphas

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