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    Old ways to werewolves and vampires


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    Old ways to werewolves and vampires

    Post  Silver_neko11 on Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:54 pm

    In old like times, the realm was always infected with two powerful species that humans have known for many years: Werewolves and Vampires. Everyone knew about them as others tried not to think of them as real but it's hard to tell them apart now after so long. History was gathered up from the times of their walking on the earth but many have learned never to speak of them.

    Canine monsters that seem nice but is rather dangerous unless another knows much about them and their history. They have human appearances 24/7 with the ability to change into a full wolf. However, a force change always happens upon the rays of the full moon for their sense of will power is the only thing to keep them stable but fear can change that. Their power unlike anything others have seen before. Super human strength, quick agility/speed, power. Many would wish for many things being one. Their are other types of werewolves that is nothing like the original but their weakness is still mostly common with pure silver through the heart.

    The undead that roams the world as they look for new prey to feast upon during the night. Back then, old time vampires haven't gotten used to the sun since their highly sensitive but now, they developed to being able to handle it now. Still possessing the power unlike any other and having powers to aid them. They still have the power to change into bats but they developed it into something more useful. They gain power when feasting upon the blood of a human but this is still happening to this day. But if one didn't wish to do such a thing, the vampire can go with fake blood, stored blood, or animal blood to help with their blood craving.

    For both, new changed Vampire and Werewolves will have new blood within their bodies with new smells as well but because of this, they will be able to smell each other even among the humans that walk this world daily 24/7. Their given medicine to help with it but it's not always going to help. Even if another was to kill the main vampire and werewolf that cursed them, their blood still lingers within their bodies. Due to the fact of both species hunting down one another for their blood.

    During the full blood red moon, it's usually makes both change/behave differently and their blood change. While under a total solar eclipse, the results are a little more....different. The moon has many different supernatural effects on both species which none has spoken of and it's hidden in history. For starters:

    -Vampires can come out during this time to go hunting for prey without the problems of the sun hurting or slowing them down now. They are free to do whatever they wish during this time. However, humans are still a target to be hunted during this time.

    -Due to the existing rivalry between both, their bloods makes them both go into a frenzy against one another due to being attracted to their bloods. The danger is even higher if the blood is pure and when both have fully transformed. Even if a werewolf was cured during this time, once more, the blood still lingers within the other making it possible for them to transform during this time. Due to their blood being the most ripe and at it's peak.

    -Even if one is cured, they can't be a full pure human again due to the blood still within them. So their still targets either way or will have the same cravings as they did a while back.

    -Their has been history and notes stating that a mix of a vampire werewolf was born once before and it's never been proven true or not. A vampire werewolf is when a vampire feeds from a werewolf that's been cured of their curse after a while to get even more dangerous than the last time. True, they drink the blood of the werewolf, the frenzy of trying to kill one another isn't as bad no more. This was something really old but somewhat forbidden to do. Every one that was like that was killed but due to the curse that came with it. Now, history is still unsure about the information and not really sure if it could happen again.

    Werewolves and Vampires are have been enemies to one another for many years now where if they meet during the special blood red moon, their blood starts to change. Their scents are now more stronger to where they want to rip each other apart till theirs nothing left. However, this blood can also become something if a werewolf and vampire were mates/lovers but this is rare for that time. No one knows the old history of werewolves and Vampires but right now, no one else is told about it. These old stories are hidden for reasons in case another human became either a Vampire or a Werewolf. You could say no one has been changed or was known for it.......that is till now or tonight.


    "*Sighs*" Melli has been walking through the woods tonight while trying to hurry home. She had to stay back after some time after a while but she didn't know what else to do. Being able to figure something out sorta didn't help as much right now. She was just done reading a book she got from a store while heading home but she was told not to stay out too late due to the...other residence that linger out here at night.

    'I'm not scared of either one of vampires or werewolves. Why do people believe this crap anyway? This was years ago and no one has seen them for years. Even if I did meet's no big deal. I'll take care of them quick..but I still should be careful out never know who is hiding out here...'

    ooc: Brandon can be either: Werewolf or Vampire but Melli still thinking too.

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