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    Terror under the blood red moon


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    Terror under the blood red moon

    Post  Silver_neko11 on Mon Jul 02, 2018 9:29 pm


    "Well? What do you think? It's our best idea yet right? Something to give a little scare to our next book? The journey of the dark souls. Monster that roam the world only to feed from another.." Melina couldn't believe the words that came out of her manager's mouth. How in the world would this idea be the best for their next book? Would people even read it?! She only tosses the paper down onto the desk to look at her boss named Lu annoyed.

    "What's wrong?"

    "I'm going to say this right now; this is the most stupid idea you have tried to write about. How is this idea of yours going to be the best selling book in the city? I mean come on!!! Dark souls? The last idea you had was something about a vampire that roams the world eating energy spirits!" she shouted but Lu shook his head to pout at her.

    "Hey, that was a great book! Millions loved it, Melina and you know it!"

    "That's because many had the time to fix that and make it sound better. I don't believe many read this stuff just because of how it sounds Lu. We should be better story authors than this." she said but Lu gives it a little though then sighed at her. She was always like this when it came to her thoughts and most of the books they wrote sells or not.

    "Look Melina, I get it. You don't like or understand the stories we write but trust me. They will make millions and millions of dollars because people love it! The action. The adventure. The romance. The horror. It's perfect!" he cheers and stands up but she only shook her head to sigh.

    "In your head true but you really need to think this through. Would people really read this?"

    "*Sighs* Melina, I don't get you. I'm trying to make a point here but if you only had more ideas like the rest then it would be amazing. You're just...or it could be me. You're losing your touch on creating stories."

    Melina tenses up hearing that but only looks down to the ground. Why would Lu say that? She knew a friend of hers knew the situation and she was always having trouble with imagination. Now, he's saying that she's not even exciting enough. Lu didn't mean to hurt her like that but it's true. The last books she wrote didn't get many people except a couple but he still helped with a few tweaks. With a though, Lu reaches for some old documents of newspaper to toss it on the desk.

    "Here; maybe this will help..."

    "What is this Lu?"she asked to look at the newspaper clippings with some notes written down on paper as she studied on some things written down. The paper and clippings said something happening to people late at night. Their's always going to be robbers and burglars out late to steal money or other things from people. What's the big deal about this one.


    "Look at the second picture..."She did that and looked a little confused. The picture showed a wounded man laying in the hospital bed but on his neck had a bandaged cloth that was bleeding with two spots where the blood came from. A wound from the neck as bite marks? How odd.

    "Where are you getting at with this Lu?" she asked looking at it.

    "I have a little task for you, Melina. I want you to write a book about something regarding this. You know, make it exciting and hot. I want a story that will sell.." he said but she blinks to look at the picture then to him.

    "Wait, wait, wait, seriously think that the one that did this is....."

    "Yes! A vampire or some type of vampire that roams the streets of our city! Think about it. Everyone will know it's true but pretty creepy. Just think about it as a second thought." he said excited but she blinks to cross her arms over her chest.

    "You have got to be kidding me. Vampires? Seriously Lu? You know those things don't exist in our world or anywhere. Why are you making stories like this to fool people?"

    "Hey, it's not silly! It's a good story for our book!" Right. Some silly myth about old undead creatures that are not real but others believe they are. She gets these old stories and tales from people because she never believed in them. When she was growing up, she read old books about them or heard very old tales about them. They scared her way back true but while growing up, she found it rather stupid.

    Heck, Melina found it weird for something like that to even happen to think vampires were real and walking through the city. Lu figures she didn't believe him in some way but that will maybe change as long as she remained silent or just went with her thoughts.

    "So how about it? Try writing a real good tale for me, Melina. I'll be excited to read it. Just get some needed information and ideas and start writing. Can you do that for me?" he asked with a smile to show his features of sort but she wasn't fazed by it. Taking the papers and notes, she glared at Lu who was happy she'll do it.

    "I'll do it once....but I still think it's stupid. What other dumb ideas you have planned? A giant monster herding unknown creatures?" she asked to see him writing that down and laugh. "Ohhh, I like that one. See Melina? You do have some imagination. Good luck!"

    "Idiot.." she mutters to leave his office and go back to her own desk. When she left, Lu only thinks about something but didn't tell anyone else for the long time. Meanwhile, in another location in the city a couple people were busy with a few things till some were guarding something. In some metal large cage showed some large black lion who's fur was a jet black. The eyes were dark amber red but it's rare to see lions in this location or close to it. the guards looked at it before keeping him back from the bars.

    "Are you sure the boss will want us to keep an eye on this thing? I don't want it biting me." he said afraid but the second sighed smoking a bit to ignore the big cat. "What's your problem? It's in the cage and can't harm us. Just shut up and keep an eye out till the bosses get back.." he said. The other did that but the lion growls in the cage to lay down before curling up in a ball. To say, the lion isn't what it seems to be.

    That was a soulless demon vampire named Brandon. He was a very unstable but powerful vampire that came from a known clan in the city. His allies and friends didn't know what happened to him because he got attacked without realizing it. He can't even use his powers to help him out due to the seal that put on him and only the one with magic ability can free him.

    He hated that rule for his people but when living with humans he had to obey it. Brandon keeps his eyes shut trying to find some way out of this but winces from a little pulse of magic that flows from inside his veins. The medicine they gave him really burned him inside and out. Even messing up with his magic. The sooner he gets out of this, the quicker he will attack them. For now, he had to wait.

    With Melina, she was heading home after a long day at work with the items given to her by Lu. He was still insane for doing this but she will do the stupid book and get it over with. At least her friends understood her in some way with no problem. She drove down the street to get home before her cell phone rang to show it's her friend.

    "*Answers phone* Hey June what's up?.........yes, I'm about to head home.......wait, come to pick something up?....why-*stops hearing her speaking*........ugh, why do you leave me with books June? You know I'm always busy.......*Sighs* Alright fine, I'll be there.." she hangs up the phone and goes to make a turn. It seems her friend June had something to give her but what she didn't tell her was something rather important or unknown for her life will change after this.

    She showed up at her friends out to knock on the door and wait. Melina checked her phone before seeing the door open and shows her friend June. She seems rather busy about something but Melina blinks to see that. "Oh good, you showed up..." she said.

    "Yes, like you asked. Now, what is it that you-" June quickly tosses a book to her which Melina caught in a shock. She looks down at some artificial book that seems like a thousand years old. How in the world did her friend have such a book? Melina was about to ask what was going on before her friend covers her mouth to stop her.

    "Listen, I know this is much to ask Melina but can you take this book for me? For some reason, it's giving me weird vibes and I don't feel alright with it. Maybe you can take it for me?" she begs her.

    "Really? You're scared of some old book? June, it's not going to do anything to you. It's just a book." she said confused but June shook her head to look at her. "Trust me, Melina. It might sound weird but it's true...just please, keep the book with you...I don't want to have it near take it....I'm begging you." she asked bowing but Melina looks at the book but then down at her friend. She knew she will lose this and her friend asking her for this favor.

    "Ugh, alright alright alright! I'll take the book June just stop bowing.." she said to see her friend sit up and hug her tight. Melina only looks at her but feels June pull back. "Thank you Melina. I really owe you for this but you better head home now and quick. I'll call you later.." she said about to head inside.

    "Hold on; how long do I have to hold the book?" she asked.

    "I'll let you know but just go on home friend. Again thanks." she said before shutting the door. Melina now was standing there holding this book and sighed. She turns away from her friend's door and goes back in her car to head home. She didn't know why but maybe the book could explain how vampires react to humans or something. She might use the book to write the information. She already got home in a few minutes and heads inside but already started taking a shower to get clean. She was already now sitting in her living room to check the book out but it was really really old. She saw the book did explain a few things about vampires of different kinds, even with a something about vampires and virgin blood. They said their blood is very tasty and no vampire could resist the first taste of Virgin blood and hoping to bound them forever.

    "*Sighs* Such nonsense...vampires being real? Yeah right. That's what most say an now one could say this book holds powerful abilities too. Oh ha ha ha.." she said sitting but while reading the book, something came to Melina's mind.

    When reading this at first, Melina did worry about her friends at the time about this but she kept believing it was all some stupid joke another is pulling. Or someone wearing a vampire costume to tick people. She never seen many of her friends because of this and yet she didn't blame them. She always wanted to tell them it's not true but they wouldn't believe her thinking the books they read were true. Melina knew vampires of all kinds didn't exist and were not real. Everyone believes in something just as her believing in things too. So far this didn't make her fear it but rather curious if it's true.

    "Stupid vampires..stupid fake stories. I bet none of this is real so why bother? I bet none of this is real.." she said walking into the kitchen with the book while setting it down on the counter to then check some things before she sees she got three messages from some guys that was trying to hook up with her or just something else but Melina ignores it.

    She was not going to date anyone because she believes all men are nothing but greedy pigs. Judging from the last batch that hit on her but only end up with broken noses or got knocked out. Sighing, she deletes the messages before slowly heading to her bedroom to finish up reading. She kept looking through the book bored now till seeing some page that had a so called 'spell' for summoning. She snorts a little in a giggle thinking it's so stupid.

    "How lame; this is so fake.....*reads the words* Oh dark seeing eye of the blood vampires; I seek your power. Summon the one that shall aid me in my desired quest. Let he be near and wide but deadly as night. Let the blood spill down from the darkness and let he be free. Unleash the one within." she said reading the page but only shook her head thinking it's stupid. She shuts the book and just gets ready for bed.

    However, the spell was real. Where Brandon was, he was sleeping since the other two guards were gone for the night. A spark of energy forms around him before it coated his every inch of his body. This woke him up a little but before doing anything, he disappeared to somewhere else. The guards will not like the news of Brandon being gone from his cage. He didn't know what was going on while shutting his eyes but ends up landing somewhere. He opens his eyes and looks around in the dark, seeing he was in someone's home. Did that mean someone was about to summon him from his trap and free him?!

    He wasn't sure who but he would like to know but he would have to wait. His magic was messed up and changing to his human form will take some time. All he could do was rest after the pain felt through his body and wait in the morning.

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    Re: Terror under the blood red moon

    Post  Brandon Maboroshi2 on Tue Jul 03, 2018 2:06 am

    He hides out in the storm drain where the darkness was thick and protective. He laid low and bore the pain waiting it out.

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    Re: Terror under the blood red moon

    Post  Silver_neko11 on Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:25 am

    The night went on as normal with nothing distracting them at the moment. In some time, maybe Brandon can find some way to fix this whole thing. He could gather some magic to get back to his powerful known self. It's possible but he didn't know if he can in the state he was in right now. Knowing how unknown creatures lurked in the city, only time will tell to what will happen. He tried to use some of his power to test it out but a sudden sharp headache hits him to make Brandon stop.

    He hissed in some pain under his breath before giving it a second. Even using his magic hurts him so he had to stop either way. From what they did to him, Brandon will get them back for putting him through this. When he gets his power back he will make them suffer.

    For now, he needed to rest and also figure out how in the world he got here without them catching them. Right now, they could be working and even doing a few things after finding out about this. With a sigh, he just sleeps through it wanting to remain calm so his magic isn't crazy. In the morning, he will have to find another way to get out of this mess without others finding out.

    Meanwhile in a dark part of the city, a man hidden in the shadows was holding his cell phone to his ear. Another was speaking on the other end. Seems things were going his way but what really made him excited was about their caught of the Soulless demon vampire Brandon Maboroshi. One of his followers had caught him and he was waiting for them to go pick him up. He will have the first chance to deliver a deadly blow to the chest to kill him off. He always hated his kind, thinking they were the highest respected vampires in the world.

    Even with black blood vampires like him and the others, he felt they were just as dangerous as the soulless demon vampires. From the many years that passed, their clans were always in war. Wanting to tear each other into shreds. Other creatures don't get in the way of the two clans but they were find with that. Some had found peace; others found revenge in it. It's not a lot to say of but some are still curious about it.

    Right now, his bloody beating heart was pumping adrenaline through his body from his excitement. While waiting, one follower comes in and bows to the man. "My lord, it seems your other two followers are here.." he said but the man looks down to show one of his glowing eye.

    "Oh? Send them in.." he said as the other nods to wave his arm. They walked in to show the guards that held Brandon but it seems they were looking nervous. The man looks at them but sits up right in his chair.

    "Carlos and Hal, what is wrong? You both seem a little out of it. Do you have news for me?" he asked as they looked nervous to speak so Hal did it.

    "Y-Yes sir.....we know you were waiting for Brandon to be brought here and we caught him.." he started to say.


    "Well, we went to bring him here but.....somehow he was gone."

    "................." The man didn't say anything hearing the words from Hal's lips but his lips rose up to let out a snarl. "What?" he said not sounding excited now. Hal got scared but Carlos spoke next.

    "Well, we were going there tonight to bring him but somehow, he escaped but don't worry. We have other watchers looking out for him so we can bring him back. So don't worry-"

    "You two fools let him escape!? I gave you simple instructions to guard him till it was time to bring him to me! Don't you know how many men and women I lost because of that soulless bastard!?" she shouted that Hal and Carlos winces from it.

    "W-we know and were sorry sire! We will make it up to you. We give you our word!" he said but the man only gotten angier to held up his hand and grabs them in a tight hold. They started chocking but was brought towards him. He didn't seem happy now but the men were afraid.

    "I know......I gave you a simple task and it seems you failed but no matter. You don't have to worry about more." he hissed before snapping his fingers. Both Carlos and Hal's necks snapped, killing them. Other black blood vampires gathered around before he threw Carlos at the ground where they quickly ate him alive. He kept Hal's body to extend his sharp teeth out and sink them into his neck. The flesh tasted salty from sweat but he only drinks the blood that was pooling to the floor under him.

    Another follower watched but she knew he was not happy with failures. The gulps of each intake of Hal's blood only made her guess he was not happy with the failed mission. When he was done, he burns his soul and tossed the body away bored while cleaning the blood off. "Sires?"

    The girl that heard her name went over to him and bows. "Yes, My lord?"

    "Find that soulless demon vampire and bring him here. Take a group with you and see what you can find. I know he couldn't have got out that simple. It's either someone of his kind helped him..or someone found 'that'." he said.

    "You think someone found that old book from a thousand years ago?" Sires asked to see him silent to think. He was told the book was burned up millions of years ago. The pages burned and black with no one able to read it. Somehow, someone recovered the book and re fixed it. Now it's in the hands of someone.

    "It's possible but I want you and the group to find that fucker and bring him to me. Send a day group to find something before the next night. Is that clear?" he asked. Sires nods with a bow before a group went over to her. "Yes; as you wish." she said before they would do that when the night comes around again. For now, many of their followers sensed the sun will be rising in a couple hours now.

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    Re: Terror under the blood red moon

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